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Subject: One more time (page 3 and 4)

Written By: 80sfan on 02/25/13 at 11:31 am

This is probably my last time posting a part of my story on here. You guys really helped me with the last thread. Well, here goes!
    Everyone got ready again and some took deep breaths. Within a few seconds with the clapping board Mark yelled, “Action!”
    “But what shall we tell our friends? They’re so happy to see we’ve lasted this long, that we had something! Should I tell them we no longer need each other? Your face turns pale when I try to even touch you,” Kevin repeated.
  “Tell them I’m numb; tell them my time of waiting has come to an end. My patience has shrunk to the size of a thread,” Ann said. But this time Ann tense up both her cheek and forehead muscles, and her chin also scrunched up. Ann’s face was slightly red. Mark’s eyes now sparkle with glee and his demeanor lighter and more relax.
  “Fine, I just need a day, a day to get used to the idea of you not being in my life. At least I no longer have to hear you rubbing my mistakes in my face.”
  “Please, I’m sorry it had to end this way, but it was a shame your weaknesses got in the way.”
  “You don’t have to worry, I won’t come back, I know our passion is broke. You don’t need to say it twice.”
    Kevin then walk up steadily up stairs to the bedroom and Ann heard the door slam shut. Ann turned to her right and sat down on the maroon couch. Her shoulders slope down and both her hand now holding her head as she sat there, sighing out gulps of air.   
  “AAaaannd cut, that was perfect!”Mark belted.
  “You’re lying.” Ann said
  “No, you both really impressed me this time.”
  “Does this mean we’re done?”Kevin sighed after walking back downstairs.
  “No, one more scene folks then you can all go,” Mark commented, “But first a twenty minute break.”
    Ann breathed a sigh of relief. Kevin opened and closed his eyes in exhaustion. Everybody in the room seemed to loosen up at least for now. Ann was walking towards the green room, her green stilettos made a loud noise like how a woman walked when she was trying to woo a man. Ann has curvaceous hips and a nicely toned mid-section so that when she walked her bottom strutted from left to right. Kevin looked at her as she was walking. Her eyes look like they could use three more hours of sleep, but at the same time they look like they are open for a chat in a bar. Kevin walk briskly up to her and said, “Well, good job Miss Congeniality, you did it!”   
        “Kevin I didn’t hear you walking.” 
        “I’m sneaky that way.”

          Ann giggled,” Well at least you’re done for today, I’m not fond of unbuttoning my blouse in front of some guy who has a girl back from down south.”

        “Give the guy a break, it’s only his second film.”
        “He’s 24, but for some reason I feel like I’m undressing in front of a 17 year old.”

        Ann and Kevin were now in the green room and saw Justin Limber sitting on a high chair, his eyes are somewhere else and his right foot nervously tapping the chair.
“Well Justin, ready to go over our lines for the next scene?” Ann asked.

        “No, they’re stuck in my head, I feel confident about them.”
        “Okay, I’ll just be with Kevin if you need me.”


        Kevin remembered his first time doing a scene involving the opposite sex when he was seventeen so he understood Justin’s racing thoughts. The director and the crew were watching him as a camera man followed him to the bed where he was with a girl, who he only talked two sentences to in a day. He was shirtless and there she was in her bra. Unlike Justin though, Kevin wasn’t faithful to his then girlfriend. It was supposed to be easy for Kevin. Before the scene that day, about three months back he had made out with some girl in his trailer. But when the camera was on and the crew was watching Kevin’s every gesture, his eyes lost all feeling and he felt them get heavy. His foot tapped when he was alone reading the script too.
Kevin walked to the couch with Ann. Both sat down with a slight thud on it.

        “Well, are you staying to watch me film for a few minutes?”

        “Yes Ann, you know I want to see you accidentally rip off your shirt in the next scene.”

        “Ha ha, you jerk!”
        “Well, I hope it is only three takes, like that scene you did with me two days ago?”

        Ann sat and thought about how her lines seemed to flow out of her mouth smoothly two evenings ago. Kevin smiled a lot more and he seemed almost jumpy. Ann remembers reading an article that day that stated: “Ann Winters is a perfect and top notch actress in her role, playing the vivacious but vulnerable angel name Karla in Harp. Harp is a sentimental but dark film about passion, love, and forgiveness. Winters know balance and emotion and knows when and how to shift the tone of her voice, use her body language and I can’t distinguish if her facial expressions are part of the film or if they’re real.”

        “Kevin, how come sometimes you seem like you could take a whole day of filming, and then sometimes you seem like you look like you’re worn o

Subject: Re: One more time (page 3 and 4)

Written By: warped on 02/25/13 at 11:58 am

Did the ending get cut off by accident?

Subject: Re: One more time (page 3 and 4)

Written By: 80sfan on 02/25/13 at 12:28 pm

Did the ending get cut off by accident?

Supposed to say 'worn out'! So only a little bit.

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