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Subject: Valleyroads' Poetry Thread

Written By: valleyroads on 11/28/13 at 7:30 am

Don't know if this is the right board for it, but I've decided to share some of my poetry (more newer stuff may be coming) with the 00ze.  8)

First, about an abandoned Mercedes I photographed:
Titled "A Star Burns Out"

Once one's pride and joy
A rich man's summer toy
Years of fun, oh boy!
Then something happened to this toy of joy.

Behind the fence, parked
Its paint barked
Panels rusting
And mildew, an increasing dusting

Surrounded by leaves in sheaves
Parts from other cars pulled, on the hood, the owner leaves
Over the years, the car decays
The elements, they rust, dust and beray.

An artist goes by
Can't stop, but intends to go back
Through ripped Cyclone fence the artist hacks
The camera clicked, the camera flashed
Immortalized, now the artist dashed

An edit here, an edit there
Submission here, submission there
Now recognition comes
With immortality fair.

One day, the hands of fate
Paid Charon and his boat the rate
To the crusher, awful fate
Recycled, the shredder ate
To China, it goes, unknown is its final fate.

Here is the Mercedes:

and "beray" is an archaic scatological word referring to the elements soiling the car.

Subject: Re: Valleyroads' Poetry Thread

Written By: valleyroads on 11/28/13 at 7:31 am

"The Weight", about my recent life experiences:

The weight of the world seems to rest upon my shoulders
My stress, angst and pain, by the day grow bolder
The traumas of my past replay
Wearing on me day by day
My heart aches for lost loves and friends
My body, it contorts and bends
I've lost the point of the meaning of life
Emotions and stress cut deep like a knife
The winter came in hard and fast
My love was lost, may be my last
Constance and stability have been in my life not once ever
I hope this is not forever and ever.

Subject: Re: Valleyroads' Poetry Thread

Written By: valleyroads on 11/28/13 at 7:36 am

A quick haiku-ish piece, "Harassment & Deception"
I am not a toy
To be teased, nor to lie to
Don't mess with me

"Manic Depressive", written at a very brutally harsh point of my life after my previous ex turned on me and sent me into a tailspin toward rock bottom.
One day, I wake up

In my head, I feel manic

One small thing goes awry, I feel panic

More of the same, for a day, week, month on up

One night I lay, down to sleep

I wake up, and here I sit, depressed again

Hopeless I feel, when in truth there is hope

I do not want to put my life, at the mercy of rope

Not ready to go, to the big eternal sleep.

An emo-ish piece, written at about the same time. Titled "A Child Wronged"
A child ignored...
Becomes an adult in search of love and acceptance

A child abused...
Becomes an adult wracked with trauma

A child unloved...
Will someday find Mr. or Ms. Right.

A child misunderstood...
Can be violent or spiteful

Adulthood won't necessarily bring an absence of these things, but freedom to escape it and seek treatment.

And my very first since my school days, from 2011 or 2012: "Lifespan"

The life of a human being can be like the life of a pet goldfish in an undersized bowl that gets tapped and moved frequently, unfortunately all too common.

One can experience:

Torment and trauma.

Disrespect and distasteful behavior.

Lies and loathsomeness.

Mistreatment and misinformation.

Bad vibes and bad company.

False ideals and false accusations.

Unreasonable expectations and unacceptable treatment.

Abuse and agony.

Inhuman and inept treatment.

Being a lost soul or a lost cause.

Or any and all of the above.

Thus many of us live a life comparable to those of our piscine residents of glass globes, vases and tanks.

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