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Subject: Best & Worst Gifts

Written By: CatwomanofV on 12/24/18 at 5:38 pm

Whether it was a Christmas gift, birthday gift or any other kind of gift, what were some of your best and worst ones?


7th birthday: my first 2-wheeler bike. I remember waking up on my birthday and the bike was in the living room with all my other gifts. My sister held the bike as I sat on it and wheeled me around the house. My feet barely touched the floor. But over the years, that bike shrank. It is amazing how they do that.  ;) :D ;D ;D My dad put training wheels on it before I could ride it myself.

13th Christmas: I asked for 3 things. The game of Battleship, a basketball, & the 45 record of the Theme to Mahogany by Diana Ross. I got all three. I still have 2 of them. (Don't know what happened to the basketball.)

4 years ago-our first Christmas in this house. Having MOST of the family here.


First Christmas with my first husband. He hands me a bag full of gifts and said, "Here, wrap these but don't look at them." REALLY?? You want me to wrap my own gifts? Stupid me did.  ::)  One gift he insisted on getting was a popcorn popper. Nothing wrong with that. Until AFTER Christmas, he requested some popcorn. I thought it would be a good time to break in the new popper. He said, "No, make it the way you always do on the stove." I asked him what was the reason for getting me the popper in the first place. He said, "So someday when we have kids and they want popcorn." WHAT??!!! I FINALLY got rid of that popper STILL SEALED in the box. I never wanted to see it again in my life! (To be fair, in that lot of gifts that I wrapped myself was a nail kit that I still use to this day.)

My 30th birthday: The only thing I wanted was flowers. I didn't care what kind or from whom. I just wanted flowers. So, what did my significant other get me? A male stripper.  ::) I got rid of him shortly after that.

I'm sure there are others but I can't recall at the moment.

So, what are some of yours?


Subject: Re: Best & Worst Gifts

Written By: Indy Gent on 12/25/18 at 2:18 am

Best gift: Crazy Wheel or Spirograph

Worst gift: Gift cards

Subject: Re: Best & Worst Gifts

Written By: nally on 12/25/18 at 4:32 pm

Worst gift: Gift cards

I could agree, especially if the gift cards are for places I never shop at.

Subject: Re: Best & Worst Gifts

Written By: CatwomanofV on 12/25/18 at 5:43 pm

I just thought of another gift. It was a shirt from my sister. She sent it to me so she wasn't there when I opened it. My sig other at the time (the same guy who gave me the stripper) looked at the shirt and said really loud, "WHAT AN UGLY SHIRT!" And he kept going on, "Would you wear a shirt like that? That is so ugly." He just kept going on and on and on. He even tried on the shirt to "prove" how ugly it was. I don't know if I would have called it ugly but it definitely wasn't my style. But I never had a chance to wear it even if I wanted to because sig other kept wearing it. One day I asked him why he wore it all the time when he made such a big stink about how ugly it was. He said, "Well, it is ugly for a woman."  ::)


Subject: Re: Best & Worst Gifts

Written By: meesa on 12/25/18 at 6:06 pm

Best gift as a child was the Holly Hobby dollhouse. I loved that thing. Best gift as an adult was my Man in the moon ring. It's gorgeous silver and moonstones surrounding a carving of man in the moon in the middle.

Worst gift ever: a fur coat. Real fur- it was white and conspicuous and ugly and I absolutely hated it. It made my skin crawl because I could not get the idea out of my mind that it was a 'dead-carcass coat'. Not to mention it was inappropriately gifted to me (fifteen) from an adult male friend of the family. I got rid of that thing as soon as I could!  ;D

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