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Subject: What I think of my songs

Written By: Mike_Florio on 09/04/02 at 06:33 p.m.

I can say that there are many songs of mine that I absoulutley hate, and a lot more that I love, here is my synopsys:

Political songs that I hate:
Dumb Jerks, Election day, Election Day, Give Bush a chance, Hanging by a pardon, Hillary Clinton, Hillary, I am the president, Liberalcation, Pardoned, Please go home, Re-election, Senator, Smells like Liberal madness, Story of Hillary, then the payroll comes, and pretty much anything about William Tong

Political songs that I like:
Bill and Hillary down in the white house, Goodbye Clinton, Hanging Chad, Loser, and movin out slick willies song

Early songs that I hate:
Gores time has come, Goro man, My grades are going down, Smells like a lawsuit, and Mrs Reno

Normal songs that I like:
All I wanna do Is chew my gum, Baseball tonite, Breakfast in a Mcdonolds, Burning my shoe, Days of summer, Drink the night away, Drops of Heiniken, Fines, Gaza Strip, I am a gambler, I need a new cell phone, Internet love song, Keeping the faith, Losing my Virginity, Moronic, MTV killed the video star, Murdered with a knife, Seize the day, Sex preditor, Strike, The saint valentines day massacre, V.O.T.E on my parody, World Series 2000, and Y2k

Normal songs that I hate:
Learn to fight, Living all in debt, Now can we eat lunch, Oh so boring, outcast, The ordeals over, and To the Morge

Anti-Osoma songs that I have no opinion on:
Invitation to fight, Northern Aliance, Long island 2005(seen the lights go out in down town)(Which is missing from my list under parody authors), and Taliban

WEll just letting you know what the writer thinks of his songs, especially since a lot of the normal songs that I dont like charted, I found that weird, and most of the ones that I did like didnt.

Subject: Re: What I think of my songs

Written By: lebeiw15 on 09/04/02 at 07:31 p.m.

So, do you want others to share, too?  If so, I guess I'll join in...

My favorites by me--

-Drops of Mt. Dew
-Weakest Link
-Clean My Drain
-Mow the Lawn
-Roast Beef
-Surgery (brand new, please check it out)
-Take Down Your Lights (brand new, also)

Those are my favorites... there are a lot that I've written that I like, but those are my tops.

My least faves--

-Every.... Tragic
-Can't Get You Out of Your Bed
-McDonald's (I wrote this one too quickly)

Ummm I'm not gonna go thru 'em all... but there's mine

Subject: Re: What I think of my songs

Written By: Steven Cavanagh on 09/05/02 at 01:02 a.m.

The one I like best of mine hands down is an intricate Return of the Jedi treatment of Les Mis's "Master of the House":


It only has a few votes, but they seemed to like it.  :)

Subject: Re: What I think of my songs

Written By: Junior on 09/06/02 at 07:21 p.m.

My faves are:

- You Are The Weakest Link
- Foodylicious (w Mamoo)
- Road Trip (w S.T.G & DJ64)
- amIright (w/ Lebeiw15 - the Black or White parody)
- amIright (the Ray Of Light parody)

My least faves are:

- Watching 'The Mole'
- Pinto Beans
- Eggroll
- The Survivor Song
- and a couple others