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Subject: my only current triple one

Written By: Tone-Def on 09/20/02 at 09:48 a.m.

i guess i´ve been pretty lucky not to have too many songs getting triplle ones on the 1st vote. It happened to me once before i complained on the message boards and someone gave it a triple five. This time around it was a bit of an experimental parody - one using a metaphor extending through the entire first verse and actually based partially on a greek myth (pygmalion). Of course i guess people here don´t get this kind of thing and i should stick to simpler humor (which i was planning on doing regardless of votes for ¨arrow with unicorn tip¨ of which the title actually does make sense) of course maybe there is one guy who gives me a 1 for almost all my songs - it seems that way how songs with high ratings suddenly drop way down happened with a lot of my songs - and he got there first. ok i´m done ranting now

Subject: Re: my only current triple one

Written By: Billy_Florio on 09/20/02 at 07:20 p.m.

actully, i know the myth...I know alot of greek mythology, but I didnt know the original song (how I dont know a smashing pumpkins song Ill never know) so I didnt vote

Subject: Re: my only current triple one

Written By: Tone-Def on 09/21/02 at 05:51 a.m.

you might know it as  (quote-my comp is awful)rat in a cage (unquote) i originally went to this internet cafe to write an email or 2 but the at sign does not work