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Subject: We Are Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written By: Ghetto_John_34 on 11/30/02 at 11:45 a.m.

We Are Coming :) We Are Coming  ;) We Are Coming :D Were Here!!!!!  ;D

After his recent heart surgery Me And Monaco Chris have finally gotten back together and did a new parody. I tell you guys i missed that kid so much while he was recovering from the heart surgery but yet its actually quite funny,cuz when he was in the hospital he got literally no sleep and when he gets really tired he gets the dumbest ideas, so he came up with the idea for " Points Of Suck-Oxity " which is a parody of " Points Of Authority " by Linkin Park, He's actually going to drop a few post here at the message board when he comes over later today so any way look for the new parody on monday its quite stupid but hey arent they all?

Subject: Re: We Are Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written By: Bobo on 11/30/02 at 11:53 a.m.

Good to hear you're back, man. We're 100% behind him making a full recovery. And I'm looking forward to reading the new parody/parodies that are coming.

Subject: Re: We Are Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written By: Ghetto_John_34 on 11/30/02 at 11:58 a.m.

Well Ive been here he hasnt but im sure he will be glad to get your support, and through prayer and the will of God he will make a full recovery so thanks , and i hope you enjoy our brand new stuff