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Subject: Personal Parodies

Written By: Wolveroses on 01/04/03 at 08:29 p.m.

am just curious if anyone else writes these,  if so leave your link here.

Subject: Re: Personal Parodies

Written By: xander999 on 01/05/03 at 07:00 a.m.

Personal Parodies?
On AmIRight?
Got a few...I thnk...if I know what you are on about...

Bizzy Bone's "Before I Go" about the GCSE's

"Forgot about Dre" gets Xandified with my alter ego 'Zep':

"What We're All About" form Sum41...Guess What I'm On About...

Eminem's "Without Me"

Romeo's "Romeo Dunn" is "X-Three-Nine-Dunn" featured on S.T.G's American Pie Paordy :-)

My first ever Parody: To Purple Hills

Subject: Re: Personal Parodies

Written By: philbo_baggins on 01/06/03 at 03:12 a.m.

Depends what you mean by "personal" - probably my most autobiographical song is "Big Bills":



Subject: Re: Personal Parodies

Written By: Billy_Florio on 01/06/03 at 01:34 p.m.

i dont really know what you mean by personal, but if its autobiographical, thenI got a few:

I really cant dance:


Out of my league:


and Im a movie star stalker:


oh wait a minute..that last ones not me..yeahhh thats the ticket.....

Subject: Re: Personal Parodies

Written By: Wolveroses on 01/07/03 at 06:24 a.m.

this is kinda what I mean

and the latest coming up is called "McDonalds Worker"

Subject: Re: Personal Parodies

Written By: jbuchoff on 01/07/03 at 07:06 a.m.

Most of the personal parodies I write, I leave on my personal website (ogterps.com), since they wouldn't make as much sense to people who don't know me, or my group of friends.  Of the ones I've submitted:

Jelly Went Out To Tailgate:

The Chugger (The story of my first few beers in college)

Everybody Hurls (about a friend who hurled in a bar while dancing with some guy):


Hypnotize (another friend who decided the only way he'd trust his girlfriend was to hypnotize her...that relationship lasted REAL long)