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Subject: NEED TO FIND SONG:  "softcell/hardcore" ?  

Written By: O on 01/06/03 at 04:08 p.m.

About 2 years ago  a question was posed regarding a song that was played in the 80s that contained the following lyrics in part:

"soft cell hard core" --i dont believe it is Soft Cell the band

some other lyrics from the song include (not exact):
"all your fantasies you've given it to them"
"she has a birthmark that's shaped like a staple"
"she's from new jersey, she wants to be an actress"

in the background is the sound of a young woman speaking French

the song is in the style of Frank Zappa's Valley Girl, if I'm not mistaken....

please please please  if anyone has info as to who the band is or the name of the song....EMAIL ME!!  it has been driving me crazy since the late 80s (i know how lame, right?)

Subject: Re: NEED TO FIND SONG:  "softcell/hardcore" ?  

Written By: retrowfmk on 01/06/03 at 08:52 p.m.

Hmmm...I found these....but just with that one line so I am thinking it isn't it:

She wants to be a-a-actress.
She's got to be a-a-a-actress.
Getting her biggest thrills, picking imaginary daffodils,'cos
She wants to be an actress, so let her.
She wants to be an actress, so let her, so let her,
It's for the better.

The house lights dim at half past ten,
And it's time to pretend again.
Who do you want to be this time,
To escape your real life?