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Subject: S.T.G. CD

Written By: STG on 01/24/03 at 12:09 a.m.

Okay, this year I have determined myself to make my parody CD. It might be hard, but I can do it. My friends Tone-e (guitars) and J-V(drums) are helping out.

Here is the playlist for

Author: S.T.G.
CD Title: S.T.G-13

1: Bong Song
2: McFlurry
3: My Way (Special Order)
4: One Rusty Gutter
5: Taliban
6: Everybody (Backstreet Sucks)
7: BritneySpearsissuchaslutandeverybodyknowsthis
8: Hilary
9: Pretty Fly for a President
10: Domino's
11: Bathrooms (On the Right)
12: Titanic
13: Stoner's Song

Tell me what you think, and give me some feedback.
I'm gonna soon post about my first planned parody music video "McFlurry"  


Subject: Re: S.T.G. CD

Written By: jbuchoff on 01/24/03 at 12:17 a.m.

A band...quite a step up from me, very cool.  I'd be curious to hear it when you finish.  Should we keep an eye out on Ebay for S.T.G.-13?   ;D

Subject: Re: S.T.G. CD

Written By: xander999 on 01/25/03 at 05:57 a.m.

Bling Bling on E-Bay!