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Subject: Michael Florio greatest hits box set

Written By: Mike_Florio on 05/02/03 at 10:19 p.m.

Yeah, I was bored earlier, so I separated my parodies into 4 basic catagories, Early, Mid, Later, and Current, and I decided to make a boxed set greatest hits out of them...sorta like a collection of 4 CDs with my songs...here it is:

Disk one: the early days(December2000-Augest2002)
1.  Mrs Reno
2.  Goro man
3.  Loser
4.  Y2k
5.  Hillary Clinton
6.  Hanging Chad
7.  Keeping the faith(the story of an old baseball player)
8.  World Series 2000
9.  Jack ass
10. Losing my Virginity
11. Long Island 2005(Seen the lights go out in downtown)
12. Sex Preditor
13. Internet Love Song
14. Bill and Hillary down in the white house
15. Spiderman(with Jennifer Bynes)

The mid-days(Augest 2002-September2002)
1.  Seize the day
2.  Drink the night away
3.  Moronic
4.  I am a gambler
5.  Gaza Strip
6.  Goodbye Clinton
7.  Fines
8.  All I wanna do(is chew my gum)
9.  I need a new cell phone
10. American Idol
11. Everybody thinks they play guitar
12. Buying all my stuff through ebay
13. Welcome to my bedroom
14. Afghanistan Pie
15. Down at Mcdonalds
16. My Genitalia(what freaks)

Later period(October2002-November2002)
1.  Student(a classroom opera)
2.  Slim Fast
3.  Damn Electric Bill
4.  Damn I really gotta pee
5.  Little Miss cant write songs(Ode to Britney)
6.  Breast implant song
7.  Livin in the Ghetto
8.  Enter Mailman
9.  3 Thousand Miles
10. Booze labeled Cheep red wine
11. Her Song(Another song bad mouthing Britney)
12. Amiright Rhapsody
13. Wasted
14. Through my esophigus
15. The STD song
16. Cows make leather(A note to veegan hypercrits)
17. Let me Pee

Present Day period(december 2002-present)
1.  Paintball wizard
2.  12 days of Christmas(A student's worst nightmare)
3.  (I wanna light)the menorah please
4.  Christmas day
5.  AOL 8.5
6.  The Stained Shirt
7.  Politics at amiright Oddity
8.  Loser '03
9.  Parental Supervision
10. Its superbowl sunday
11. My parody is dated
12. The anti-gun control song
13. She blocked me(Internet love song part two)
14. Antiwar woman
15. Lines
16. Behind big theighs
17. New York fighting protesters 2003
18. Liberals Liberals
19. Mute-able
20. I can see your thong(With help from Rice Cube)

Bonus tracks(songs that are not on any other albums)
21. The STD song part two(Wearing a condom)
22. Nature Calling
23. My big dress size
24. My Website
25. The way it is(How rap stars wreck good songs by sampling them)
26. Musical Pie(reprise)
27. This shirt is so tight(It makes me look gay)

Subject: Re: Michael Florio greatest hits box set

Written By: xqj on 05/05/03 at 11:35 a.m.

Have you recorded any of them yet?