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Subject: I want to see who can back this one up?!?

Written By: bratjanet on 05/13/03 at 11:34 a.m.

ĎíIíll speak out for Eminemíí Ö (partially)

Itís funny how people take my rapping seriously
And then they get the finger and accuse me of doing something
Iím just trying to rap, you all behaving like spoiled world class A brats
Saying that Ďí I donít understand his shit Ďí, well, bitches get off my business
I tried to be nice , when I made fun of Limp Bizkit , then you all cunts saying
That I wonít amount to nothing, if my rhyming style donít change
Well, who the fuck are you to make judgement on me , I am too a human being
I rapped about killing fags, and telling women that Iíll kill them, doesnít mean shit
To Dre, cuz he understands me , see, you all government people Ö like FCC for one
Take shit that I say and make it to look like itís intended to hurt people when I only
Am doing it out of fun , if itís hard to believe, then get the fuck away from me  !
I made fun of Christina and poked even more violence in ICPís face then I could have
Done in a single dayÖ funny how the media swallows innocent people like Britney
And fucked up how they throw it at her face about her virginity yet even more funny
How everyone I know has to have a gun in their house to keep them safe including family
And how the media points the finger at me and sayís that Iím a Ďílittle punk bitchíí for having
A gun in the house, arenít we supposed to protect the oneís we love? Oh, I guess the govern-
Ment talk fucked my head upÖ I can turn a killer eye to painful detail and yet nobody ever stayís
That they should thank me for putting comedy in hip-hop music and how good it is that my own
Daughter is being taken care of by me !!! you all fuckerís can accuse me of some shit that I didnít
Say and twist my lyrics around and make emí look bad as if I was a born again monster who feeds
On everyday chaos and turning the mic to my face intending that I will get blown out of the music
World just so you all old hags passing the news with your daily payment of chicken soup can pry
In my own fucking life while you all have a good gayish laugh Ö pardon me !! anger is a expression
Not a form of everyday living itís not like I run around with a gun in my pocket and pointing at It to
Some dumb ass fucker who goes up to me and sayís Ďí Can I have your autograph?íí well, I do give
Away autographs without payment of course.. unlike Celine Dion who sings for millions and asks for
$20 is that right? NO!! nobody including the media doesnít seem to complain about those facts that I
could easily shove it down their throats and make emí squirm .. see how can you make a stupid political
statement and not have enough shit  or  ammunition  to back it up without listening to my lyrics for one?
Songs are just intended to capture the mindís ears and to hold the sprits breathe for one not to be
Thrown to me the only person who has the balls to throw off all you haters and make myself still look
Dope without anyone standing or even coming close to going on my toes which I pretty funny
Because Iíll make you all cry to your little stupid houses Ö Iíll just quit for now considering my
Mouth is spiting out fire thatíll eventually hurt some unfortunate people whom I call the whole
Public eye .
:o :-/  ... yeah, I wrote this cuz I'm getting pretty mad
at people assuming they know his lifestyle and things of
that nature but if you can back up this well... you
might have to put up with more from me lol (lots of
laughts people) thank you if you took your time reading
this long you know what .. bye with plenty of hugs .