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Subject: 100+Vote Songs

Written By: I_Spam_Whom_I_Spam on 05/20/03 at 00:26 a.m.

Does anybody know where I can find a list of all the parodies that have at least 100 votes? How many of them made the hundred mark?

Subject: Re: 100+Vote Songs

Written By: Billy_Florio on 05/20/03 at 09:54 a.m.

try the voting results for overall

Subject: Re: 100+Vote Songs

Written By: I_Spam_Whom_I_Spam on 05/20/03 at 12:20 a.m.

Looking at the lists for Top 100 for pacing and Top 100 for funny, here are all the songs with at least 100 votes (assuming that votes in the three digits alone was enough to assure making at onto at least one of these lists). A total of 58 parodies made the cut:

478      "Napster Pie" by Dave
351      "Electoral Rhapsody 2000" by Kevin Dunlap
351      "Imperial Rhapsody" by Patrick H. Mines
294      "My Weight Is" by Louie
290      "3.14159.../Pi" by Chris Pyhtila
259      "Pokemon" by Jojo
248      "The Bong Song" by S.T.G.
230      "Of Course, He's To Blame" by William Tong
210      "Homer's Song" by Ian Parry
199      "Another Prick Who Must Fall" by William Tong
196      "The Real Slim Katie" by Heidi Hoff & Katie Bates
186      "Gonna Lock Down Democracy" by William Tong
186      "Osama Got Run Over by a Reindeer" by crazydon
178      "Slutty" by 189
177      "All the Prep Hoes" by Raven and Ashley
174      "Will the High School Students Please Wake Up?" by Sarah  
173      "Loser" by Michael Florio
172      "Jack Ass (William Tong's Story)" by Michael Florio
168      "Lardylicious" by Chantal G & Christine R
162      "Republican Dummy" by William Tong
161      "All the Girl Things" by Princess Chic
160      "Boobies One More Size" by Guin
158      "Adam's Song" by Kelly
157      "12 Days Of Christmas {Baseball Fan's Dream}" by S.T.G.
155      "The Bar's Not Open" by Bryan Adams
154      "Always A Moron" by William Tong
147      "Bush's White House Is For Sale" by William Tong
142      "Bush Brat Is Unable" by William Tong
142      "I've Got To Pee Now" by Jeff Reuben
141      "Stoner's Song" by S.T.G.
133      "She's Rude" by William Tong
130      "Amer'ca Online" by David Cassel
129      "Oh Not Another William Tong Song" by Malcolm Higgins
127      "9/11 Came In Handy" by William Tong
127      "99 Great Cartoons" by Mike Armstrong
124      "Stocker" by Nyla Howell
123      "American Jackass" by Chris Smith
123      "Ari Fleischer" by William Tong
123      "They Bitch And They Whine" by William Tong
119      "Everybody {Backstreet Sucks}" by S.T.G.
119      "Hobo Grammar" by C-Trew
118      "Saddam's Song" by DarkJon64
115      "I'm A Little Teapot" by William Tong
114      "Dubya's Gonna Bomb Ya" by William Tong
114      "Mike Shot His Mouth Off" by William Tong
113      "Star Wars" by Joe Kaiser
111      "Oops… I Failed The 1st Grade" by Angelique
109      "Lazy" by William Tong
108      "You'll Hear Bush Lie" by William Tong
107      "Free Parking" by Jeff Reuben
107      "Fried Chicken" by S.T.G.
107      "O Taliban" by William Tong
106      "The Ballad of Osama Bin Laden" by Robert Pagliaro
106      "It Wasn't Me" by Joe Kaiser
104      "Absolutely (The Story of a Bastard Who Continuously Gives Us 1,1,1s for NO REASON!!)" by Mike Armstrong
104      "Dubya Has A Stolen Throne" by William Tong
102      "Butch" by Steph825@aol.com and everyone else at Gate Hill.
101      "Outcast" by James E. F. Landau

There is interestingly an error with the "I'm a Little Teapot" entry, in which the name of the original song, "I'm a Little Teapot", is switched with William's parody's name, "It's Another Teapot Dome".

Subject: Re: 100+Vote Songs

Written By: philbo_baggins on 05/21/03 at 04:09 a.m.


Still three dozen votes short on my most voted-on parody...