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Subject: Searching for Song Title and Artist from 80's

Written By: BunEGirl on 05/26/03 at 08:19 p.m.

I'd appreciate anyone who can help me identify a song I used to hear on the New Wave station in San Diego in the 80's.  I only recall a few lyrics.  I've searched under "Softcore" and "Hard Sell/Cell" with no luck.

"She's got a birthmark that looks just like a staple,
She's from New Jersey, she wants to be an actress"

The chorus goes:
"Hard sell, soft core, hard sell, soft core,
or, or, or, or
Thin skin, paper thin,
You win, fantasize you're giving it to them"

Thanks, BunEGirl

Subject: Re: Searching for Song Title and Artist from 80's

Written By: BunEGirl on 05/27/03 at 08:50 p.m.


For anyone who's attempting to help...I obsessed and remembered another line from the song. To the above lyrics, add:

"Soft core, but you're afraid to make the grade"

It was sung by a male and it had a repeated synth background wail.  

Anyone out there who listened to a new wave station in the San Diego area in the early 80's?

Subject: Re: Searching for Song Title and Artist from 80's

Written By: EarthurX on 06/23/03 at 00:36 a.m.

Hey now!

I, too, have been obsessed by that song since the 80's when I used to hear it on KROQ out of Pasadena but the only lyrics I could remember were "Thin skin. Paper thin. You win" and I wasn't too sure about the "You win" bit.

Anyway, I was downloading a lot of Gary Numan, Devo, (who I'm going to see live for the third time, at the OC county fair in july) Klaus Nomi and Polysics videos when I thought to do one of my semi-irregular google searches with the bit of lyric I remembered and was led to your post, whereby I gleaned larger lyric fragments to search with.  

Ecstatic, I punched in the line about the birthmark which led me to this page:


wherein I learned the name of the band to be Maurice and the Cliches.  The song title is "Soft Core".

Five minutes later, incredulously, I was downloading the song, which I honestly believed I would never hear again, in mp3 format. It was better than I had remembered. More dense and pretentious.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

If you have trouble finding a file of the song,  I hang out on undernet in #ennui and would be glad to give it to you.

I'll also watch this post to see if you reply and we can possibly work out another method of transmission if you don't do IRC.



Subject: Re: Searching for Song Title and Artist from 80's

Written By: BunEGirl on 06/27/03 at 11:32 p.m.

Hi Again EarthurX,

I have no idea what IRC and undernet are. Sorry! Since most of my mp3 search websites have been shut down, I'm only on one, for which I pay a fee, and the file is not listed (at least not tonight by anyone who's online). I looked under "Maurice and the Cliches" this time, instead of "Softcore" as I had done previously.