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Subject: Title and Artist, Please

Written By: ladybug316 on 09/24/03 at 12:24 a.m.

I am looking for a song that was in the made-for-MTV-movie Love Song with Christian Kane, (2000).  It is an R&B song by a male artist and the chorus goes:

"It's gonna be a sad day when you leave, my dear.
It's gonna be a sad day when you walk out of here".

Thanks :)

Subject: Re: Title and Artist, Please

Written By: macaroni on 10/16/03 at 07:24 a.m.

yo yo it's macaroni the 1 & only...Following in the footsteps of Brandy, pop-singer Monica makes her acting debut in the third drama from MTV's made-for-TV movie division. Monica plays Camille Livingston, the daughter of prosperous African American parents in New Orleans. Living a sheltered at home, she has a steady boyfriend who her parents adore. But when she meets a white gas station attendant (Christian Kane, a frequent guest on the television show ANGEL) who plays the blues at night, she agonizes over whether to stay with the black man with a stable future or the white man with a dead-end career who incites her passions. While affairs between black men and white women have been explored in many films (GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER, JUNGLE FEVER), director Julie Dash (DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST) tackles the subject of interracial romances from a different angle. The relationship between an upper-middle-class black woman and a poor white man is a highly unlikely combination. The film includes the debut of Monica's single "What My Heart Says."

Subject: Re: Title and Artist, Please

Written By: ladybug316 on 10/16/03 at 07:47 a.m.

Unfortunately, that is not the song.  This song is sung by a male.  I own the movie and they don't credit any of the songs there.  

Thanks for trying though, Macaroni