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Subject: What song is this? It's driving me nuts!

Written By: frobozz on 11/25/03 at 10:03 p.m.

I need serious help here, or I'll go nuts!  I was looking for songs by Junior Walker one night on gnutella, and I saw this song called "Girl" or something, supposedly by Junior Walker and Stevie Ray Vaughan (though I haven't been able to find the song in any discography, so that attribution may be wrong), and I downloaded it on a whim.  The MP3 file got lost, so I can't give you exact lyrics, but this is basically how the chorus went:

Get out of my HOUSE
Girl get out of my FACE
Girl get out of my LIFE
Girl, GO AWAY!

It definitely had an electric guitar and saxophone in it, so it very well could have been SRV and Junior Walker.  It sounded like it was recorded around 1981, 82, something like that.  Might have been a cheap basement recording or something but the sound quality wasn't TOO bad.  Not a great song, but ever since I lost the MP3, I've been dying to find out what it was.

Subject: Re: What song is this? It's driving me nuts!

Written By: FOXVOX on 11/28/03 at 08:10 p.m.

Sorry I can't help you out with the song but I feel compelled to opine that I seriously doubt SRV and Junior Walker ever played together, much less wrote together.  J.W. was R&B Motown (he, in fact was on the Motown label) and SRV did not incorporate saxaphone in his blues.  Most of his writing collaborations were with Doyle Bramhall and/or Double Trouble.  I imagine the closest thing J.W. & SRV have in common is that they were frequent performers at Antone's.  

Subject: Re: What song is this? It's driving me nuts!

Written By: frobozz on 11/28/03 at 11:01 p.m.

Yeah, I kind of doubted that SRV and Junior Walker actually collaborated too.  As you're probably aware, you can't always trust the filenames on p2p networks. :o

However, Vaughan *did* use a sax on his 3rd album, Soul to Soul.