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Subject: New ideas for the website. FEEDBACK WANTED PLEASE!

Written By: ChuckyG on 12/6/2000 at 8:13 p.m.

these are some ideas I've been kicking around for this website, and are hence, ideas that are somewhat related to the two core ideas.. I'm not saying I'm going to actually do any of these.. these are just things I've been contemplating, and would like some feedback...

1) word play, stuff like oxymorons and words that can have meanings that are the exact opposite of one another (forgot the term for those) but something along those lines..

2) hard to pronounce words in the English language. (and how you've heard them murdered) I already have a page along these lines for Massachusetts town names (link below), but was thinking I could branch out to english words (and their meanings)

3) parodies of web sites? (ie. make a page that looks Yahoo but with funny links, etc) I think this has been done to death though.. Yahoo shows 100s of those types of sites, and I make it a point not to do something that's being done well already

4) parodies of TV shows & movies? not sure how that would work.. I want something like the song parodies where people can contribute (I hate just seeing my own stuff on my websites, I'm funny that way)

I think number 2 is a definite maybe for the site.. #1 I think has been done on other sites, but I'm not sure... I think they fit the theme of the site really well though, so I really wanna know if people think it's something they'd like to see

#3 & #4 I have no real clear thoughts on how to proceed on those, so I'm really not ready to do them, unless someone gives me a good example of how it might work...

does any of this stuff sound like fun to anyone? would anyone want to see this type of stuff often?