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Subject: Song heard on European Radio online

Written By: travelplus on 05/26/04 at 1:27 pm

I just heard this song and I can't get the exact name for it. I heard this song on an airplane when going to France. Some words I got out of it is What Goes around Comes Around Envision the black smoke. It's a female singer and  it has a slight brittish rock feel to it. Its not Lenny Kravitz or any American band . I last heard this song back in 1999. 

It could be What comes around goes around as well. It says What goes around cmes around.

Subject: Re: Song heard on European Radio online

Written By: MLB on 05/26/04 at 2:47 pm

  Being on a plane like that with commercial free radio, and all these cool songs you'll never know the name of kind of makes you crazy, eh? I know how you feel.  I kept a journal and everytime a cool song came on I wrote about it to keep my mind off the blackness outside the plane, and the fact that I should have been sleeping but couldn't get comfortable.
          Why didn't you go into a record shop  back then and get the latest Now! # 20 or 21?  The Now! cds here are only numbered up to about 17-18 but the Euro ones are already up to #27-30.
    Go into a cool small shop and sing your song to the record dudes and see if they can't help you.  Someplace where djs, or "college radio" is sold.  or if you get really flustered you can always Google every song with those lyrics and then start a big process of elimination! 

Subject: Re: Song heard on European Radio online

Written By: redhead007 on 05/27/04 at 7:42 am

I know it's 5 years too late to say this since they switch the playlists up all the time but I think that for those commericial free stations on airplanes, they have the playlist in the magazines right in the seat in front of you. That's helped me a few times.......

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