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Subject: Lyrics for a song called Just for Davy

Written By: Corky on 06/22/04 at 12:47 pm

I wrote these lyrics last night. They are based on a couple of days ago when I went to see him in Buffalo.

Verse 1

We've been apart
For a couple of days
And I think about you
In every possible way

Chorus 1

When I saw you live
It meant the world to me
Just to see you standing there
It was meant to be

Verse 2

When I think about you
My troubles disappear
I forget about my worries
As well as all of my fears

(Chorus 1)

Verse 3

I really want to meet you
But I know that won't happen
We could play some music
To keep our feet tappin'

Chorus 2

I really love you
And my love is so strong
I will still love you
Even after we're gone

Verse 4

I wish you everything
That one could wish for
I wish you peace and happiness
And a whole lot more

(Chorus 2)

Verse 5

I still pray for you
And hope for your safety
You are my number one
You are my Davy

(Chorus 1)

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