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Subject: My new song Cede

Written By: Stompgal on 07/09/04 at 3:27 am

Further to the Band and Song name Generator topic, I wrote this song in my grandparents' car yesterday when I came back from a mystery tour at the Museum of Welsh Life, St Fagans.  Here it is below and I hope you guys and gals enjoy it.

Cede, written by April Slocombe (My real name)
Performed by LRA Asil

You can plant it when you want
You can water it in the sun
It'll grow into flowers and bushes
It is known as summer fun

There is only one difference, though
About the first letter of the word
It begins with the letter 'C'
And that's what I heard

Planting my cede
It's the new spelling for seed
The ending's also different
Water and soil are all it needs

You can put them on your food
Sunflower, poppy or pumpkin seeds
They're all very good for you
And they're very lush indeed

When you garden's all in bloom
You can get out of your room
When all the flowers started to grow
That's the miracle you would know

I just showed my mum that song and she likes it a lot and thought that band and song name generator was clever. I must do it for her.

Subject: Re: My new song Cede

Written By: Ripp on 07/16/04 at 5:13 pm

Hae Ybur

with their New Song,


(BTW: I luv ya and ya mum! I like people to like my topics!)

Get your Copy in the shops today!


On the new Album, Trails of Colours


Title: Cepp

Eating all your fabrics
Eating all your food
This little devil
Destroys your home, and's rude

It's gonna destroy ya
However it Can
It's gonna destroy ya
And eat ya land

Every time your garden's in bloom
That's a lovely surprise
But yet that Cepp's out to get ya
It's full of tricks and Lies

Oi, Cepp, I've got something for you
Cepp looks in confusion
And sees it's deadly enemy
Gets Wiped out - but that's an illusion


How dya like it? Try it with your own tune, coz I have none yet.

Your mom has good taste!

Well done on the song! That was very creative. The song was just made up quickly but I hope you like it. I couldn't think of anything else for Cepp. Yours was easy, though. You got a new spelling for seed!


The lyrics:
You Can get out of your room
What's the big deal of getting out your room? The thing is about cede being new for seed, not about you getting up off your bum.

Posted by: Hae Ybur

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