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Subject: Favourite Lyrics.

Written By: Cheeky Ferret on 10/09/04 at 12:44 pm

What are your favourite lyrics?  Not necessarily whole songs but just words that you remember.

Mine are:

The sun isn't yellow it's a chicken - Bob Dylan (who else)
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year - Pink Floyd

He used to do surgery for the girls in the 80's but gravity always wins and wears him out.  Radiohead
Don't give me love, oh no none of that stuff it's your money i.m after baby.  The Wonderstuff
Forget your heart it's your bank I wanna break - The Wonderstuff

To name a few  ::)

Subject: Re: Favourite Lyrics.

Written By: joeschmoo on 10/09/04 at 5:46 pm

'Why don't you come over here so I can raise your little skirt up over your little hips" by Paw, song title Veronica, off the Dragline CD

Subject: Re: Favourite Lyrics.

Written By: mickeymaus on 10/12/04 at 9:53 pm

dirty deeds and they're done dirt cheap - AC/DC

Subject: Re: Favourite Lyrics.

Written By: KimberIndy on 10/13/04 at 9:31 pm

I've always loved the phrase "the sun shines out of our behinds" from Hand in Glove  by The Smiths.

Subject: Re: Favourite Lyrics.

Written By: ktelqueen on 10/14/04 at 1:39 am

off the top of my head from a song i've recently discovered:
"I dreamed that we were lovers in the lemon scented rain"-Dreamin' Again by Jim Croce

Subject: Re: Favourite Lyrics.

Written By: kairi747 on 11/10/04 at 6:58 pm

"it's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got" - soak up the sun - cheryl crow

"some people call it a one night stand but we can call it paradise."  save a prayer - duran duran

Subject: Re: Favourite Lyrics.

Written By: kairi747 on 11/10/04 at 7:06 pm

"and since i am dead, i can take off my head and recite shakespearean quotations."  nightmare before christmas soundtrack - danny elfman  :o

Subject: Re: Favourite Lyrics.

Written By: tmayfield on 11/11/04 at 6:05 am

If I was to start crying, show my innermost feelings
If I was to get down on bended knee and just plead my case
Would it thaw your frozen heart a little, maybe show some compassion
Or would you only feel pity, and then compelled to send me away

Oak Ridge Boys

Subject: Re: Favourite Lyrics.

Written By: kairi747 on 11/19/04 at 11:47 am

"die young, stay pretty."  - die young, stay pretty, blondie

Subject: Re: Favourite Lyrics.

Written By: kairi747 on 11/22/04 at 5:45 pm

why don't you and i get together, take on the world and be together forever.
heads we will, tails we'll try again.
why don't you and i hold each other, fly to the moon and straight on to heaven
'cause without you they're never gonna let me in.

-chad kroger and santana

Subject: Re: Favourite Lyrics.

Written By: Luke Brattoni on 11/26/04 at 12:12 am

Here are some of my fave Eminem lines:

"I won't stand for it and Christopher Reeve won't sit for it neither."

"Slim Shady- hotter than a pair of twin babies,
In a Mercedes Benz with the windows up,
When the temp goes up to the mid-80's."

"Mother, are you there? I love you.
I never meant to hit you over the head with that shovel."

"Talking how I fabricated my past,
He's just aggravated I won't ejaculate in his ass."

"So here we go again, out of our medicine,
Out of our minds and we want in yours- let us in!"

"I light a candle and place it up on the mantle,
Grab a knife by the blade and stab you with the f***ing handle."

"I'm cancerous, so when I dis,
You wouldn't want to respond back with a battle rap that you wrote for Cannabis."

"Of course they're gunna know what intercourse is,
By the time they hit fourth grade-
They got the Discovery Channel, don't they?"

"It seems like the media immedaitely points a finger at me.
So I point one back at 'em, but not the index or pinkie or the ring or thumb..."

"Nothing could stop her,
I shot her five times and every bullet bounced off her!"

"My 9 is like a guiding light at night, shining bright.
My grip is tighter than my f***ing wife's vagina."

Subject: Re: Favourite Lyrics.

Written By: Gonfunko on 11/28/04 at 12:51 pm

Hmmm....there are a lot of good lyrics....lemme pick out a few...

"I'm not fond of laughin' with your shallow friends, I don't feel like changing just so I'll fit in, things are more important than how you look or feel" - I Don't Have The Time by the James Gang

"Sweet home Alabama, where the skies are so blue, sweet home Alabama, Lord I'm comin' home to you" - Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd

"We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control, no dark sarcasm in the classroom, teacher leave us kids alone!" Another Brick In The Wall, Pt. II by Pink Floyd

"'Scuse me, while I kiss the sky" - Purple Haze, by Jimi Hendrix

"Down on the corner, howdy in the street, bring a nickel tap your feet" - Down On The Corner, by Creedence Clearwater Revival

"You're just about as useless as JPEGs to Hellen Keller" - It's All About The Pentiums, by Weird Al

That's all that comes to mind at the moment....

Subject: Re: Favourite Lyrics.

Written By: daddysgirl on 12/07/04 at 10:49 pm

must get out- maroon 5    my fav par is "i was goin through your dresser drawyer for got what i was lookin for. i found myself goin in the wrong direction"

Subject: Re: Favourite Lyrics.

Written By: Ashkicksass on 12/08/04 at 10:27 am

My love, you came to me like wine comes to this mouth
grown tired of water all the time - Dave Matthews, Two-Step

You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes
well you just might find
you get what you need - The Rolling Stones, You Can't Always Get What You Want

You turn me on, I'm a radio
I'm a country station, I'm a little bit corny
I'm wildwood flower, waving for you
a broadcasting tower, waving for you - Joni Mitchell, You Turn Me On, I'm a Radio

Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don’t criticize
What you can’t understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is
Rapidly agin’.
Please get out of the new one
If you can’t lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin’.  - Bob Dylan, The Times They Are A-Changin'

Subject: Re: Favourite Lyrics.

Written By: Stephy on 12/08/04 at 10:10 pm

I like "little more conversation, little more action for me" by Elvis :D

Subject: Re: Favourite Lyrics.

Written By: FussBudgetVanPelt on 12/10/04 at 9:28 am

...Yesterday's Dreams Are Tomorrow's Sighs... - "The Morning" - Moody Blues

Subject: Re: Favourite Lyrics.

Written By: Tam on 06/29/05 at 12:50 am

"Even on the darkest night when empty promise means empty hand
And soldiers coming home like shadows turning red
And when the lights of hope are fading quickly then look to me
I'll be your homing angel I'll be in your head"

Duran Duran - Lonely in your Nightmare

Subject: Re: Favourite Lyrics.

Written By: ladybug316 on 06/29/05 at 8:10 am

Some funny lines I love...

"When I met you in the restaurant, you could tell I was no debutante" - Dreaming by Blondie

"When I was crazy, I thought you were great" - I'ts All I Can Do by The Cars

Subject: Re: Favourite Lyrics.

Written By: Apricot on 07/04/05 at 10:22 pm

"I Don't Know If You Felt For Me,
Or If You Shared My Dreams.
But When My Speedmachine Hit Your SUV,
I Know You Shared My Screams!"

Momus, "Sex For The Disabled"

Subject: Re: Favourite Lyrics.

Written By: Foo Bar on 07/25/05 at 9:29 pm

What are your favourite lyrics?  Not necessarily whole songs but just words that you remember.

Chicks on Speed - "99 Cents".  (Album: 99 Cents)

Genre:  Released in 2003, but the 80s band "The Waitresses" could have released this 20 years earlier and nobody would have batted an eye.  (If you're an old fart like me who enjoyed the Waitresses, you'll dig Chicks on Speed.  If you're young enough that you have no idea who the Waitresses were, but like Chicks on Speed, you'll *really* enjoy the Waitresses!)

I’m not crazy about money but - I like what it can do!
Shopping is a cultural activity - in this world nothing's for free!
Buy a book, or buy a car - look what a stud you are!
It's not the what, it's more the where - who you know and how!

99, 99, 99, 99 cents (Luxury, the income tax of vanity!)
99, 99, 99, 99 cents (Luxury, the income tax of vanity!)
99, 99, 99, 99 cents (Lux-u-ry-is-the-in-come-tax-of-va-ni-ty!)
99, 99, 99, 99 cents (Luxury, the income tax of vanity!)

.just bought a classic car
..dubbed this to cassette to play on the way home
...still enjoying the hell out of paying the income tax of vanity :)

Subject: Re: Favourite Lyrics.

Written By: cnbpjb on 08/18/05 at 7:42 pm

From Campbell & The Nails:

"Deborah was a Catholic girl, she held out to the bitter end.
Carla was a different type, she's the one who put it in.
Mary was a black girl, and I was afraid of a girl like that.
Susan painted pictures sitting down like the Buddhists sat.

Reno was an aimless girl, a geographic memory.
Cathy was a Jesus-freak, she liked that kind of misery.
Vicky had this special way of turning sex into a song.
Camelia couldn't sing, kept the beat and kept it strong.

Xylla was an archetype, the voodoo queen, the queen of rap.
Joan thought men were second best to masturbating in the bath.  ;D
Sherri was a feminist, she really had that gift of gab.
Kathleen's point of view was this:  take whatever you can grab.

Seattle was another girl who left her mark upon the map.
Karen liked to tie me up, and left me hanging by a strap.  ;)
Jeannie had this nightclub walk that made grown men feel underage.
Mary Ellen, who had a son and said "I must go," but finally stayed.

Gloria, the last taboo was shattered by her tongue one night.  :D
Mimi brought the taboo back and held it up before the light.
Marilyn who knew no shame, was never, ever satisfied.
Julie came and went so fast, she didn't even say good-bye. :P

Well, Rhonda had a house in Venice, lived on brown rice and cocaine.  8)
Patty had a house in Houston, shot cough syrup in her veins.  :-X
Linda thought her life was empty, filled it up with alcohol. ???
Katherine was much too pretty, she didn't do that sh*it at all.

Uh-uh. Not Katherine.

Pauline thought that love was simple, turn it on and turn it off.
Jean-Marie was complicated, like some French film-maker's plot. :-\\
Gina was the perfect lady, always kept her stockings straight. ::)
Jackie was a rich punk-rocker, silver spoon and a paper plate.

Sarah was a modern dancer, lean pristine transparency.
Janet wrote bad poetry in a crazy kind of urgency.
Tanya Turkish liked to fu*ck while wearing leather biker boots.  :)
Brenda's strange obsession was for certain vegetables and fruits.

Roeena was an artist's daughter, the deeper image shook her up.
Dee-dee's mother left her father, took his money and his truck.  >:(
Debbie-Rae had no such problems, perfect Norman Rockwell home.
Nina, sixteen, had a baby, left her parents, lived alone.
Bobbie joined a new-wave band, and changed her name to Bobbie-sox.  ;D
Eloise, who played guitar, sang songs about whales and cops.
Terri didn't give a sh*it, just a nihilist.
Ronnie was much more my style, she wrote songs just like this.
Jezebel went forty days drinking nothing but Perrier.
Dinah drove her Chevrolet into the San Francisco bay.
Judy came from O-hi-o, she's a Scientologist.
Pomerante, here's a kiss, I chose you to end this list.

Eighty-eight lines about forty-four women." :D     

Subject: Re: Favourite Lyrics.

Written By: Dominic L. on 08/20/05 at 1:11 am

But look at how you're dressed your best suggests another kind of guest. OK GO-You're So Damn Hot

Clever rhyming!

OK, not my FAVORITE, but I can't think of any others right now.

Subject: Re: Favourite Lyrics.

Written By: Red Ant on 08/20/05 at 1:40 am

Misheard lyrics.

My favorites aren't necessarily the words, but how they are sung.

Two that stand out are "Detachable Penis" by King Missile and "Pepper" by Butthole Surfers. Henry Rollins "Liar" is funny also.

Subject: Re: Favourite Lyrics.

Written By: loki 13 on 08/20/05 at 4:49 pm

you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinking
and racing around to come up behind you again
the sun is the same in a relative way but you older
shorter of breath and one day closer to floyd"time"

cofusion will be my epitaph
as i crawl a cracked and broken path
if we make it we can all sit back amd laugh
but i fear tomorrow i'll be crying................ king crimson"epitaph"

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