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Subject: Ozma Lyrics- there are so much funnier ones than the ones on the site!

Written By: Ishkabiblely on 12/16/04 at 6:15 pm

Ozma is one of my favorite bands, and i saw the "funny" lyrics on the site, and i thought there were much better ones, so here they are:

from a song called "turtleneck coverup":

Hope that they're not wondering
why i'm never laundering

i like this line:
I'm stuck in a square, becoming one too

the whole song of "apple trees" is hilarious! its all puns about apples! these are the best:

an apple pie, the number pi
i studied you in math class
i did all my work but never got your digits

an apple tree, a family tree
we'll plant ours together
the roots will hold forever and forever

a mackintosh, a macintosh
you messaged me all winter
i'd write replies and still feel like a loser

i'm taking a stand
with apple in hand
i pull up my sleeve
it's time that i make like an apple tree and leave

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