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Subject: My Wits End

Written By: natalie777 on 07/18/05 at 1:20 am

Hi Everyone, i am new.  my name is natalie, and this problem im having is driving me NUTSO!!!!  there are a couple songs that all i know of is a few lyrics and one song i kinda know the title too, but i have NO IDEA of the artist.  i have searched ALL OVER the internet with NO LUCK whatsoever.  my brother was listening to this music in the late '80's to like '91 at the latest.  so here goes; both songs are sung by chicks, possibly the same chick, and they seem like one hit wonders of pop tunes.

the first song's title is called "declaration of my independence from you" (i believe) and this is what i remember of the lyrics;

"I've had enough..of you acting like you own strong enough to stand on my own, this is my declaration of my independence from you....remember how those nasty words were spoken (but that was before) before my heart was broken.......BUT NOT ANYMORE!"

the next song could be entitled "there's no way i'll leave you" but heck if i are the lyrics as i remember them;

"you never needed someone like you need me, you know it seems so meant to be....who could ask for anymore?  than all of our love?  there's no way i'll leave you.  i believe in never too late (too late)  anything worth having is worth the waiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt.  we can love by day or night, everything is right, i believe if i can you could"

Please, i am BEGGING if ANY of you knows who these artists are and the titles, i will be forever indebted to you.  i have GOT to get this info. 

Much Love,

Subject: Re: My Wits End

Written By: sara on 08/02/05 at 10:18 am

if the song(s) you are trying to find are one hit wonders, i have a website that has them. it is and it has one hit wonders from all years.i hope you find what your looking for. :)

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