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Subject: Hi..Need to find song title and artist from 1991/1992

Written By: song from 1991/1992 on 08/30/05 at 12:09 am

In spring 1992, I heard a song from the radio with the following lyrics. I don't know if the song is from the end of 1991, or the beginning of 1992..but I can't seem to find anything when I google the lyrics. I would appreciate if anyone could help me. Thanks.

All I want is to feel alive
All I need is to be satisfied
All I want, All I want, All I need is you

I have built upon this reputation
live by...for a little while
It's a glamour life
....can't be no denying
When you're walking the miracle mile

Chorus again

Standing here in my correspondant shoes
I don't need no place to go
Sometimes I feel like making other plans
Should I stay here I don't know

Chorus again, plus a guy says "It's got to be you"

It sounds like the band has 2 guys in it, and it's a dance/pop tune, and I hear the guitar.

Feel free to email me...I have been trying to find out about this song since 1992.

Thanks so much,

P.S. It must have been a hit in the beginning of 1992, cause the pop radio station was playing it all the time.

Subject: Here's the song...

Written By: Jonathan on 09/13/05 at 6:43 pm

Hi Everyone,

I finally found the answer to my it is:

All I Need Is You By Blue Train

The album is called...

Business of Dreams and was released in October 1991.

Blue Train is a band from England, and their hit single was, "All I Need Is You", which was played on radio stations in the US around the end of 1991, and spring/summer 1992.

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