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Subject: Public Enemy: You're Gonna Get Yours (sample source?)

Written By: Foo Bar on 12/28/05 at 10:11 pm

OK, we can all go to and see the "official" lyrics for Public Enemy's "You're Gonna Get Yours" (from 1987's "Yo, Bum Rush The Show").

My '98 Oldsmobile is ... (?sampled?)
My '98 Oldsmobile's so ... (?sampled?)
My '98 Oldsmobile is ... (?sampled?)
My '98 Oldsmobile's like ... (?sampled-to-completion?), screeching tires.

There are a couple of (minor) errors in the official lyrics, but they're pretty damn good.  Except for the chorus.

Now I have an *idea* of what I'm hearing in the sample.  But it *can't* be right.  And that's where you come in.  What am I hearing wrong in that ?sampled? bit, because it's repeated several times.  And after you've figured out what the sampled speaker is saying... for bonus points, where's that sample from?

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