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Subject: Whats the title/artist?

Written By: Octopuddle on 03/07/06 at 12:29 am

Ok, its a rock song, male singer.  Possibly 90s, maybe earlier, probably not later.  Part of the chorus is 'It ain't easy....... then some other words then .. you've got no place to go' or something like that.
That's all I have.  Oh, on the radio the announcer said that the singer was dead.  I'm 90% sure he was talking about that song, but don't hold me to it.
Thanks guys :)

Subject: Re: Whats the title/artist?

Written By: Windbreaker05 on 03/07/06 at 12:37 am

This probably isn't it, but "Rock The Night" by Europe has a line that says "You know it ain't easy when you don't know what you want"

"Aiin't easy" comes up a few times in Def Leppard's "Miss You In a Heartbeat" also, but that doesn't meet the description great either.

Posting those two just in case but I don't think I've hit the right one

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