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Subject: Lyrics, Shaun Brown, Rappin' Duke (Rapping Duke), 12" Extended version

Written By: Foo Bar on 04/26/06 at 10:43 pm

((Someone mentioned Shaun Brown in another thead.  Brought back some good memories.  Couldn't easily find the 12" version with the full lyrics, so I figured I'd type 'em in.  Please follow up with corrections as ya find 'em!))

Shaun Brown - Rappin' Duke - 12" lyrics

So ya think you're bad with your rap?
Well I'll tell ya, Pilgrim, I started the crap.
When you were in diapers and wetting the sheets,
I was at the Ponderosa, rappin' to the beat.

Da ha, da ha.  Da ha ha ha ha, ha

Sure I rustled some cattle and tended the sheep,
But my main concern was rapping to the beat,
I don't bother nobody, I'm a real nice guy, kinda
Laid back - like a - dead fly.

Da ha, da ha.  Da ha ha ha ha, ha

I'm talkin here and now.
Later for the cattle and rustlin' the cow.
If I had a chance to do a repeat,
You can bet your sweet bippy I'd be rappin' to the beat.

Da ha, da ha.  Da ha ha ha ha, ha

Que pasa, amigos? 
Not a pasa I see.
Two hundred punks?  Well whatcha gonna do
I got two six shooters that'll see me through.
That's - twelve dead -
And 188 pallbearers.

Da ha, da ha.  Da ha ha ha ha, ha

(What I do on your grave won't pass for flowers either.)

Now Kurtis Blow, Run DMC,
you haven't heard a rap 'till you heard it from me
I'm the baddest rapper in history
And there'll be no more, after me.

Da ha, da ha.  Da ha ha ha ha, ha

Meanwhile, back at the ranch,
Santa Barbara that is
Swimmin' pools and movie stars
Well the first thing ya know, ol' Ron's the President
The kinfolk said "Ron, move away from there!"
Said "In the White House is where you oughta be",
So he loaded up the Lincoln and he moved to DC.
Washington, that is.
Politicians taking a sip.
Foreign dignitaries takin' a trip.
High tax and plenty Cadillacs.

Da ha, da ha.  Da ha ha ha ha, ha

Now you see me in my movies, doin' my thing
But deep in my heart I've always wanted to sing
"Waaaaay down upon the Swanee River,
Far, far away.
Titwillow, titwillow, titwillow..."

Well I don't think that's your style,
But I'll tell ya, Pilgrim, I'm versatile!
Aretha Franklin!  Aretha Franklin! 
Aretha Franklin!  Let me rock ya,
Let me rock y'aretha Franklin! Let me rock y'aretha Franklin,
that's all I wanna do, 'retha Franklin

Da ha, da ha.  Da ha ha ha ha, ha

Aaw, I'm feelin' the groove now, Pilgrim!
Party - over here!  Party - over there!
There's nothin' to it, the way we do it. 
Whoop! Whoop!
East coast?  West Coast?  Texas!

(( Single fades out here.  The 12" just keeps going! ))

Every time I put on pants,
I tell ya, pilgrim, I wanna dance.
I put a quarter in the juke,
Then I commence to doin' the Duke...

Da ha, da ha.  Da ha ha ha ha, ha

It's pretty easy, as you can see,
Just move your arms kinda fre-ely,
Do a pause, and take a step,
And just make sure the beat is kept.

Da ha, da ha.  Da ha ha ha ha, ha

I was at the Ponderosa rappin' to the beat,
Tryin' to cool off from the desert heat,
I discovered somethin - really neat
The Duke has moves - with his feet.

Da ha?  Da ha!  Da ha!

I won plenty of ladies with my charms,
But the like me most for the moves of my arms.
WHoa  (pause)
Whoa... (pause)

I'm gonna rap in the East
I'm gonna rap in the West,
I'll show ya pilgrim, who's the best,
Nothin' to it, the way we do it!
Skibblabebop, webop, Scooby-doo,
Guess what, America, we love you!

Da haaaaaa, daha, daha...

Da ha, da ha.  Da ha ha ha ha, ha
(repeat, fade out)

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