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Subject: Need help these two songs

Written By: Pretty Brown Eyes on 08/26/06 at 2:50 pm

It used to play on the radio in Hawaii in the 90's.
A man and a woman sings it, its a slow song
I don't know what the groups name is and I only know a few of the lyrics they go like this.

This part is sung by the male

"Juliet she actin like we never met ooh Juliet she actin like she never seen my face before."
*I don't know if Juliet was the actual name it might be Julianne, Julian, or Julia but it is a girls name that goes like that*

Its not funny honey when I'm on my own and you're not even ready to learn........(can remember after that)

The chorus starts off like this
Now hows that wake up and.....(can't remember after that)

The girl part in the song starts off like this
I never meant to hurt you but thats just the way it is, Its not my intention......

The other song was played on the radio in Hawaii too some kids sung it or someone with a young sounding voice
I remember the chorus and it goes
I want a lover like that I want a baby girl like you I want a lover that turns me on like over and over

And then another part in the song goes "You're sweet as candy"
It was a very upbeat song

Subject: Re: Need help these two songs

Written By: tony on 07/23/08 at 4:19 pm

Juliet by Sunland

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