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Subject: Help: Adrian Sherwood, Monkey See, Monkey Dub (Becoming / Dub Cliche, 2006)

Written By: Foo Bar on 12/11/06 at 10:05 pm

Any dubheads out there checking out the new Adrian Sherwood "Becoming a Cliche" / "Dub Cliche" release?  Double CD came out a couple of weeks ago, it's a great blend of reggae/dub with just enough electro to keep even  old-school techno/electro/industrial mixheads/rivetheads intrigued. 

OK.  That shameless plug over with, I love this album, as if you haven't figured out, but I need some help with a non-English line of lyrics and a sample or two.  This is the best I can do with "Monkey See, Monkey Dub", Track 01, CD2 (Dub Cliche), of the 2-CD set, and I ain't all the way there yet.

LYRICS for Adrian Sherwood, "Monkey See, Monkey Dub", 2006, "Dub Cliche", 2CD of 2CD set "Becoming a Cliche", and you'll just have to hope that the search engines can pick up the accents I've deliberately ignored, because I don't do French and I don't want to bother figuring out the codes for search engines that do  :)

Hi!  I am your dollar! 
I have some ideas on how you should spend me!

Do what everyone else does!
(Alright, uh, let's read this script.)
Filling the blanks is a game some people play...

All body and no brains,
All brains and, no spirit,
All spirit and, no body,
All body and no spirit,
All spirit and no brains,
All brains and no body,
Hold it.  This script isn't going anywhere!

(Maybe that's the point!)

I am your brother  (( English ))
(Ich bin Ihr bruder) (( German ))
(Je suis votre frere) (( French ))
(*** And this fourth line, also translating to "I am your brother" is in a language I don't recognize, so, can anyone help their brother/frere/bruder out?  Might be in Japanese?  Sorry, I don't know the first thing about Japanese, anyone have an English phonemic translation of this? ***)
(( I also need the choral background vocal which I can't quite make out from here, probably in an European language ))

When they stand, (stand!)
When they sit, (sit!)
When they get angry, (get angry!)
When they laugh, (dress!)
As they dress, (dress!)
As they eat, (eat!)
As they believe, (believe!)
(( hmm?? -- ack, thpt, it's in English, but I need this line too! ))

(( the ollowing lines are all sampled from the original vocalist, with samples alternating/switching back and forth between left/right speakers, and all spoken within about 10 seconds, any help would be appreciated ))

seize the opportunity!
make the most of your time!
vacation ?
too many irons in the fire!
while you have a chance!
not a moment to lose!
too many ???s
stop at nothing!
I'm too tired to sleep!
*noise*, fade out.

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