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Subject: Sample Sources: Frankie Goes to Hollywood / Frankie Goes to War (DMC Mix)

Written By: Foo Bar on 04/28/07 at 2:41 am

As part of another half-dead thread, I found myself listening and transcribing samples (with a little research into 1940s BBC narrators as a bonus), and here's a nearly complete list of the samples from DMC / Disco Mix Club - "Frankie Goes to War" - 9:50, megamix by Alan 'The Judge' Coulthard and Mark Clark, 1984.

This is a mix of "Relax" (and a bit of "War"), featuring samples from Churchill's "Finest Hour" speech, random bits of german from Hitler, other bits of WW2-era BBC Radio, and the 80s movie "Wargames"...

I know it's on one of the "Best of DMC" vinyl discs, but do any ex-DJs remember (or can provide a link) to which DMC release featured it?  It's gotta be early in the catalog.

Here's a transcript of samples, with some sourcing, for anyone trying to source samples, and who happens to find this thread via Google:

"Germany calling, we are continuing our news in English"
"To begin at the beginning"
"Shall we play a game?" - War Games
"And that consequently, this country is at war..."
"Which side do you want?"
"This is London..."
"The air attack warning sounds like..."
"This is the sound..." (sample of air raid siren)
"London calling in the home, overseas, and European services of the BBC, and through United Nations Radio Mediterranean, and this is John Snagge speaking..."
"This is the sound..."
"Ici (?) Les Francais... (?something in french?)"
"People of western Europe"
"(Something in german) macht (yet more german), Deutschland, Seig Heil! (cheering Nazi crowds)" -- Adolf Hitler (samples of Stuka dive bombers)
"(? days and nights, ?) ships of all kinds have plied to and fro across the Channel, under the fierce onslaught of the enemy's bombers, utterly regardless of the perils, to bring out as many as possible..."

(( one repeat of most of earlier samples ))

"Men will still say... this was their finest hour.  Never in the field of human conflict, was so much owed, by so many, to so few." - Winston Churchill
"Our goal is not the victory of might, but the vindication of right." - John F. Kennedy / JFK
"But the greatest danger of all, would be to do nothing." - John F. Kennedy / JFK
"Wouldn't you prefer a good game of chess?" - WOPR, War Games
"Know what that means, David?" / "No, what does that mean?" / "World war three." - (dialogue from) War Games
"Fighter planes are no place for little boys." - ?? Apollo to Boxey, from the original Battlestar Galactica movie ??

(( instrumental breaks ))

"Next day, the dawn was a brilliant fiery red."
"How about a nice game of chess... chess... chess..."
"Frankie goes to Hollywood."

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