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Subject: A Split Second - Crimewave - Kiss of Fury, 1990

Written By: Foo Bar on 09/01/09 at 10:36 pm

I couldn't find the lyrics by googling for 'em, but now you can.  And yes, according to the 12" vinyl album art on discogs, that kinda weird word that didn't quite make sense in the first verse?  Yep, it's the "blurring" silence I always thought it was.  It makes as much sense as it has to.  Grab yer boomsticks and clean house!

This here's in honor of our Zombie-killing thread, here are the lyrics to a great tune for zombie-killin'.

A Split Second - Crimewave (from Kiss of Fury, 1990)

As the night is falling,
The creeps start crawling,
The human debris crawling from their holes...
The blurring silence in the eerie night is
Shattered by the smashing fist of crime...


They don't need Kalashnikovs,
To blow your mind,
They're maggots feeding on the bodies left behind.

Some ultraviolence,
Some aimless thrills,
It's always been like this,
Life kills.

Fear is my ally,
And pain my gun,
Testament of fury for the citizens of fun.

Take out your riot guns,
Take out your knives,
Just drop your shopping bags and struggle for your lives...

Justice calls!

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