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Subject: can you help me identify this song?

Written By: chakaray on 11/06/09 at 11:08 am

i'm trying to find the name, artist and full lyrics for a song that's floating around in my head.  it used to play on the radio when i lived in canada (saskatchewan) when i was in elementary or high school-- so early to mid 1980s.  i believe the singer was a man, it has a kind of pop/country sort of feel.

the chorus, if i haven'tr gotten it wrong, was "Can I come in?", sung 3 times.

Then I remember the words to the bridge, as follows:  "There are so many things I long to tell you/ there are so many things i want to hear."

I was not able to find this much lyrics on the net, so maybe I've gotten them wrong.  I also posted it with a singing sample on another music website.  If you want to hear the tune, as I remember it, go here:

and press listen button for "pending request". But no one on this site has gotten it yet,  :P so someone suggested here, since it is canadian.

thanks. hope someone can help me.  :)

Subject: Re: can you help me identify this song?

Written By: GoNoAMMo on 11/16/09 at 2:24 pm

Could it possibly be Modern Talking - Knocking On My Door? That's the closest thing I came up with in my search.

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