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Subject: Collaborative Challenge: Menegaux Megamixen

Written By: Foo Bar on 12/19/11 at 10:16 pm

Epic Sample Time:

I've just discovered Victor Menegaux via his epic 41-minute megamix Let's Gaux:

(For those playing the home game, MP3 available for free download directly from the artist's website and from his SoundCloud page.  At least until SOPA passes, but that's a topic for the politics thread, but this here's a thread about sampling.)

So here's my first pass at it.  

There are 218 tunes mixed in 41 minutes.  I've got - at most - 80something.


Sample: Crunchy sound 00:39 (Sly Fox, Let's Go All The Way)
Backing: 0:50-1:05 (that piano background I'd swear I know that one, but I can't put a name to it.)
Backing: 1:10 (The Police, Every Breath You Take)
Vocals: 2:20 (Samwell, In The Butt)
Sample: Oooga Chaka at 2:45 (Blue Swede, Hooked on a Feeling?)
Vocals: 3:03-4:00 DJ Kool: Let Me Clear My Throat
Backing: 4:00 (a cover of Prince, Little Red Corvette)
Backing: 4:55-5:10 (Fatboy Slim, Praise You)
Vocals: 5:10-5:40 (Lady Gaga, Telephone)
Backing: 5:10-5:40 (Huey Lewis, Power of Love)
Vocals: 5:50ish (Cataracs, Bass Down Low)
Sample: 6:00 "BASS!" (Public Enemy, Bring the Noise)
Vocals: 7:26 (Red Nex, Cotton Eye Joe one of two tracks mixed here)
Sample: 8:53 "Mars" (MARRS, Pump Up The Volume)
Backing: 10:30 (Eurythmics, Sweet Dreams)
Vocals: 11:05 (AC/DC, TNT)
Backing: 11:08 (Pseudo Echo, Funkytown)
Vocals: 11:19 (Tag Team, Whoomp, There It Is)
Backing: 11:30 (Hmm, why don't I know this?  I should know it.)
Sample: 12:57 (Duck Sauce, Barbra Striesand)
Vocals: 13:20 (Flo Rida, Club Can't Handle Me)
Backing: 13:57 (Europe, The Final Countdown)
Backing: 14:25 (Some love theme from a movie I've long forgotten.)
Backing: 14:42 (Journey, Separate Ways)
Backing: 15:02-15:35 (Prodigy, Smack My Bitch Up)
Vocals: 17:00-17:30 (LFMAO, Shots)
Vocals: 18:45 (Buckwheat Boyz, Peanut Butter Jelly Time)
Sample: 20:20, 20:35, 20:47 "Hey-ay-ay-ay-ay" (Kanye West, Power)
Vocals: 21:10 (It's not the one from the 80s.)
Vocals: 22:40-23:45 (Willow Smith, Whip My Hair)
Backing: 23:15-23:45 (Violent Femmes, Gone Daddy Gone)
Backing: 23:45-24:10 (Animals, House of the Rising Sun)
Vocals: 24:15-24:55 (Bon Jovi, Wanted Dead or Alive)
Backing: 24:55-25:40 (Queen, We Will Rock You)
Backing: 26:12 (Another one I should know by the guitar riff.)
Sample: 26:34 (The Ramones, Blitzkreig Bop)
Backing: 28:20 (CSNY, Marrakesh Express)
Backing: 29:00 (Pat Benatar, Love is a Battlefield)
Backing: 29:25 (I'd swear I've heard that guitar riff before.)
Vocals: 29:25 (Jay-Z, 99 Problems vs. Hugo, 99 Problems)
Backing: 30:00 (Human League, Human?)
Backing: 32:38 (Beastie Boys, Sure Shot)
Backing: 33:18 (Peter Gabriel, Sledgehammer)
Backing: 35:50 (Boston, More than a Feeling with a pitch shift)
Backing: 36:40 (EMF, Unbelievable, slight pitch shift)
Vocals: 37:30 (Trey Songz, Say Aah)
Backing: 37:30 (Warren Zevon, Werewolves of London)
Vocals: 37:50 (Lady Gaga, Love Game)
Backing: 38:58 (Lou Reed, Walk on the Wild Side)
Backing: 39:20 (Fine Young Cannibals, She Drives Me Crazy)
Vocals: 40:10 (Who's version of How Ya Like Me Now is that, or is it Kool Moe Dee mashed up with Snap, The Power for the line "It's gettin' kinda hectic"?)
Sample: 40:28, (Double Dee and Steinski, who sampled it in Lesson 1 - The Payoff Remix, but what's the source for the sample "And say children, what does it all mean??)


That's about 1/3 of it.  If you know your 90s/00s hip-hop, you're needed here, because you should get a lot of the things I missed.  Let's gaux.

Subject: Re: Collaborative Challenge: Menegaux Megamixen

Written By: agrimorfee on 12/22/11 at 8:28 am

Wow, this guy is trying to outdo Girl Talk obviously. I will give it a listen later, thanks for sharing this. I love way out there mashups., does anyone know where I can download this onto an Android?

Subject: Re: Collaborative Challenge: Menegaux Megamixen

Written By: Foo Bar on 12/23/11 at 9:02 pm, does anyone know where I can download this onto an Android?

Download .zip onto PC, extract from PC, load onto phone like any other music from the PC.  Or find an unzip app for the droid.  (At least on a PC, the MP3s, unzipped, are directly downloadable from the SoundCloud page.)

Also on my list is a run through the Audiophile mix, which is of comparable length and complexity to Let's Gaux.

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