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Subject: Radiohead's Kid A album: Prophetic to year 2020/2021?

Written By: Arch Vile on 10/30/21 at 4:31 pm

Hello all,

I have been listening to Radiohead's Kid A album as a pretense for one of my next song parodies.  Something I've come to notice is how this album can be thematically tied to the years 2020/2021.  Mostly in the latter. Hear me out:

Everything in its right place: "The normal routine before a major crisis event."

Kid A: "Patient Zero to Covid-19."

The National Anthem: "Fear propaganda from MSM in detailing virus/vaccines/passports, as a pretense for behavioral control."

How To Disappear Completely: "Online censorship connected to actively practicing doctors. Therapeutics, alternate medicine, data trends.  A rebuke of the national anthem."

Treefingers: "Climate control agenda by shutting down the economy.  Instrumental to juxtapose the silence of activity and emptiness.  Environmental redemption."

Optimistic: "Human beings being characterized as expendable animals. Guinea pigs for the vaccine/masks. Sheep to follow the message. Dinos for seniors but face greatest risk of fatality. Imposed to other healthy age demographics creating division and hesitancy to aid. Animal stampede for immigration concerns."

In Limbo: "The ever shifting goalposts as new information reveals the fake narrative.  Trust is fractured between institutions."

Idioteque: "The world according to the future generation. The kids will grow up to with masks and vaccines in perpetuity.  Dealing with mental health breaks, depression, anxiety, apathy, etc."

Morning Bell: "This dovetails from the previous track in placing divisions between families as to what information they get about vaccines/passports/masks. Side effects of the vaccine also become evident from a long term basis. e.g. brain fog. Think about how these kids will grow up after the Idioteque track."

Motion picture soundtrack: "End of life as the 2030 climate agenda of depopulation of the planet is achieved.  The conspiracy set in motion years ago meets its goal."   

I'm willing to read the comments/commentary on how I missed anything.  Maybe I'm putting too much thought into this.  Maybe the connection is there.

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