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Subject: Hello I'm french and born in 1984

Written By: Frenchman on 11/22/02 at 04:12 p.m.

I was born in april 1984.

yeah, the 80's were good years. I've noticed that there are lotsof things different from now. The songs for example, in the 80's they were different, I like the 80's song (I've bought about two weeks ago two Cds of madonna's song from 1984 to 1986).Now the songs are all the same.

Same for the video games. In the 80's there were good video or computer games like Rainbow Island, for those who know.
Now video games are all about car race or wars.....not really interesting.

I've noticed someone talking about Turtle Ninjas toys. Well, my cousin and I had lots of them, and they were one of the best toys I had (along with the "Food fighters"). Now toys are dfferent. Children are no more interested in those toys, there are less, and they prefer video games....what a pitty ! I remember when we used to go to the shop to buy toys....It was different...children now don't do it again, or less.

The 80's were good years, even if I only remember 1987, 88 and 89. In the years 1984, 85 and 86, I was too young to remember whatever. I wish we could go back in the past to see the 80's again.

Subject: Re: Hello I'm french and born in 1984

Written By: Bobo on 11/23/02 at 00:32 a.m.


That's all the French I can manage at this time of the morning. Welcome to the boards. Hope you stick around, if you do, you might want to register.

Subject: Re: Hello I'm french and born in 1984

Written By: DJ Midas on 11/23/02 at 07:38 p.m.

Welcome, Frenchman!  :D

Subject: Re: Hello I'm french and born in 1984

Written By: 80sTrivia on 11/24/02 at 04:21 p.m.

Hello there Frenchman! :) Welcome to the club!