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Subject: Hi etc

Written By: Snaggletoth on 04/28/03 at 12:23 a.m.

Hi, my name is (not) Snaggletoth but you might have seen me post songs under that name. Me real name and stuff thingies... well... I intend to present myself a bit more when I reach 25 songs. Im up to 15+ now, so more than halfway there, but with exam period and sommer job coming up it might take until the fall before that happens.

Anyway, Im posting this because I have a question. Im not really happy with the name I have choosen, I would much rather go with a different name that I also use in another forum, at first I thought it would be a good idea to go with a different name here, and dug out an old name still in use in my hotmail addy, but it only complicates things for me, so the question is if it would be possible to have the songs posted under the name Snaggletoth changed to be connected with another name?

I mean, new songs could of course be posted under a new name right away, thats pretty obvious, but I dont wanna start from zero again.

On the other hand I realise that I by no means have any right to claim such a thing as I just asked for. Then it could be prejudicio for anyone to have new name(s) whenever they fellt like it. And I have no idea how much work from a/the sites moderator(s) Im asking for so maybe its too much?

If so (If Im asking for much) maybe it could be stated that namechanges (one single) is one/another right one gets when reaching 25 submitted parodies. Or something like that.

Cheers! // Peter (no harm in giving out that much) :-)

Subject: Re: Hi etc

Written By: Bobo on 04/28/03 at 12:26 a.m.

Welcome, Snaggletoth. Good luck on getting to that number of songs.

Subject: Re: Hi etc

Written By: Arcfire on 04/28/03 at 12:37 a.m.

As Bobo said, Welcome! Post lots! ;D

Subject: Re: Hi etc

Written By: dagwood on 04/28/03 at 05:41 p.m.

Welcome to the boards!

Subject: Re: Hi etc

Written By: Hairspray on 04/28/03 at 09:43 p.m.


Subject: Re: Hi etc

Written By: Kenlos on 04/29/03 at 07:47 a.m.

Hello and Welcome!  :)

Subject: Re: Hi etc

Written By: bj26 on 04/30/03 at 10:24 a.m.

yo Snaggle, how do I become a Royal Penguin, what's the deal with posting songs, please explain.

Subject: Re: Hi etc

Written By: karen (Guest) on 05/01/03 at 03:59 a.m.

Welcome to Snaggle.  Why wait for 25 songs to be posted?  Just join in.

Bj26  you need to keep posting on the messageboards.  The number of posts you have determines what staus penguin you are.  I just reached Royal Penguin (more than 500 posts).

The songs are parodies that are on the front page (amiright.com)