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Subject: new here

Written By: rella on 08/23/03 at 12:40 a.m.

;D I am a late 70's to late 80's girl...I love the John Hughes movies and the old saturday morning cartoons and weekend specials.  Of course the music as well...here is my list of things I remember best:
Strawberry shortcake
Johnny Quest
Godzilla and Godzuki
the superfriends
mighty mouse and the mighty heros
banana splits
brady bunch
scooby doo (before scrappy)
sixteen candles
pretty in pink
the breakfast club
the cosby show
bewitched (in color)
the electric company
still love sesame street
mr. rogers
3-2-1 contact
the fraggles
how about pinwheel (when nickelodeon first came out)
garbage pail kids
cindy lauper
duran duran
bon jovi
van halen (with david lee roth)
mtv (when they actually played videos)
oh jeez my list is neverending!

Subject: Re: new here

Written By: Jimmy_J. on 08/25/03 at 08:37 a.m.


Subject: Re: new here

Written By: Fred on 08/25/03 at 12:16 a.m.

Welcome to the boards rella!

Subject: Re: new here

Written By: Bobo on 08/25/03 at 12:55 a.m.

Welcome there rella. A lot of memories to share there! Have a great time!

Subject: Re: new here

Written By: Mike_Florio on 08/25/03 at 01:34 p.m.