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Subject: Hi, I'm New Here

Written By: Andrew-1972 on 12/31/03 at 09:26 a.m.


This is my first time, that I've joined a Message Board community, I hope to make many New friends! :)

Of course, I've loved the Internet in the past, but I didn't have e-mail, now that I do, I can join message boards.

Hey, does anyone have any Predictions for 2004

My Mom said

"The Pope will probably pass away"
"Saddam Hussein will be jailed for life,not executed"

Subject: Re: Hi, I'm New Here

Written By: Andrew-1972 on 12/31/03 at 09:38 a.m.

Just Curious:
How do the Ranks work on this site?

Curently I'm a "White-Flippered Penguin"

How many posts are required for each rank? 8)

Subject: Re: Hi, I'm New Here

Written By: Lanie on 12/31/03 at 01:28 p.m.

Welcome to the boards Andrew!  :D

Subject: Re: Hi, I'm New Here

Written By: maddog167 on 01/02/04 at 07:43 a.m.

Welcome aboard Andrew...is 1972 the year of your birth or a significant date in your life?

I think you become a Gentoos penguin at 250 and a Royal Penguin at 500 posts...there's another one before Gentoos but I can't remember what it is.

modified Chinstrap, like Lanie above, that's it...can't remember the milestone for that one though...it's not really important unless you're a nerd like me ;)