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Subject: Hello And Help

Written By: Steenson1 on 07/07/06 at 2:43 pm

Hi Folks,

Thought I would ask this question...

Does anyone remember a game that consisted of the following:

2 sets of handles
each handle attached by twine over a distance of about 10ft
There was a oval plastic bit that the twine went through

Each player opened their arms outwards sending the balll to the other player who opened his arms to stop the blasted thing breaking your knuckles.

You repested this back and forth & then got bored and played swingball with your feet as the black plactic bits had long fallen off by numerous tantrums!!

A couple of the guys in my office remembers this so I am not going mad


What the heck was it called??

:-\\ a very confused 37yr old (Alan)

Subject: Re: Hello And Help

Written By: karen on 07/12/06 at 8:02 am

Welcome to the boards Steenson1

In response to your question I do remember the game you are talking about though at the moment I can't recall the name.  I bet if you asked on the seventies board here someone will know.

edited to add

according to it's called opee-op (or a variation on that)  That name doesn't ring a bell with me though.

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