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Subject: What has Hurricane Katrina wrought? Losses in New Orleans and Mississippi.

Written By: Wacky Packages on 08/30/05 at 4:50 pm

Of course we don't know, as of yet what the total effect of what has happened in the coasts of Louisiana and Mississippi.  it's definitely a little too early.

Although we do have more knowledge than we had yesterday, and it doesn't look good, does it?  :\'( :-[

What we do know:

The French Quarter of New Orleans, where much of the Marti Gras takes place (I hate that I might never have gotten to a New Orleans Mardi Gras, pre-Katrina) was heavily damaged.

Lake Pontchartrain has overflowed into much of downtown New Orleans and is coming even towards the Superdome.

Many housing communities are underwater, both in New Orleans and it's suburbs. 

People are at risk of health issues, especially diseases that we might not usually see.

Roads are very damaged, will they be rebuilt?  Hugh parts of Highway 90 in both states and I-10 are totally gone. 

Gulfport and Biloxi appear to have been devasted (especially many houses and trailers and including several casinos in Biloxi.)

What we don't know, yet:

How many people are dead; and how many others could be overrun by diseases?

How much more people will have to be evacuated?

What is the effect on insurance and with the looting?

And what of the oil rigs and oil refineries in Louisiana and in the Gulf?  (This is a biggie, which could effect the whole world.  Did anyone else in early June watch the F/X TV movie, "Oil Storm"?  The similiarites to what is happening now and what happened on that TV movie are very scary, indeed).

Obviously we got to be there to help as much as possible the humans and even some pets, if need be.  Then we will probably need to pray.   

Subject: Re: What has Hurricane Katrina wrought? Losses in New Orleans and Mississippi.

Written By: Mel on 02/06/06 at 1:23 pm

I have a list of over 20 films that were demolished, destroyed, or severely/permanently damaged, but my location has not been added to the list yet.  Does anyone know when it will be.  I requested the add approximately one week ago.  Help! :)

Subject: Re: What has Hurricane Katrina wrought? Losses in New Orleans and Mississippi.

Written By: MLB on 02/10/06 at 3:04 pm

Yes, we all agree it's heart wrenching and gonna take years to even help everyone get back to half stable lives, yet there are those stories of help and hope even in such awful circumstances.  Never forget that.
    My Bible study group is a missionary group of maybe 45 people and we have he;ped fund a new group
Adopt a church. brought california residents thru support and donations of time and money Raised the roof on some small Hattiesburg churches that needed renovations and revitalization, not rebuilding.  you never call it rebuilding for permit reasons. as long as one wall remains you can call it reconstruction. Anyhow, they are now moving back toward the coast to start efforts for the horribly devastated people and prayer communities of Waveland who are still living in tents and don't even have half a house to point at anymore.  But they don't want our pity, they want serious help and the faith to persevere without crying over what cannot be changed.

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