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Subject: Remembering old night clubs

Written By: Tony20fan4ever on 10/22/05 at 1:44 pm

If anyone has ever seen the movie "Eddie and the Cruisers",you probably saw the old Tony Mart's club venue, which was used in that movie...Tony Mart's was here in Atlantic County..Somers Point to be exact, there was a lot of local bands that played there in the '60s and early '70s..along with Bayshores which was not far from Tony Mart's...both clubs were demolished to make way for a huge marina and a couple of new, upscale restaurants...

Subject: Re: Remembering old night clubs

Written By: duranchick on 12/06/05 at 1:26 pm

The Palace of Depression in Vineland was also in Eddie and the Cruisers, or should a say a replica of it.  I think part of the original may still be standing, but most was demolished.

Subject: Re: Remembering old night clubs

Written By: Tony20fan4ever on 12/06/05 at 2:07 pm

Tony Mart's and another Somers Point nightclub, Bayshores, were very popular in the 1960's and early 1970's. It's sad that both are gone because of the locals harping that they drew 'undesirables' how undesirable are they when they are bringing business and revenue into their town?

Subject: Re: Remembering old night clubs

Written By: GREEN67 on 12/19/05 at 12:03 pm

8) That is so sad..I love the movie Eddie and the Cruisers! I just bought it on DVD about a month ago!

Subject: Re: Remembering old night clubs

Written By: caffeineyellow5 on 03/06/06 at 5:19 pm

I recently found this site when I remembered all the good times I had there as a 15, 16, and 17 year old boy on Sunday night "Teen Night." Man it was great! It was soooooo big and all the bars had sodas stocked for a dollar each. Sure, they were plastic cups full of watered down soda, but it reeealy wasn't about the soda. hehe. You get there early and wait in line for an hour, cause kids started showing up in the mornings to get in first. You get in and in front of you is this huge multi-leveled set of dancefloors and main stage on the other side of the center opening. Directly to your right, when you went in was "The 'A' Room." It was all painted black and I remember it being as big as maybe a double wide trailer. It was painted pitch black on all surfaces; walls, ceiling, seats built into the walls (that were not meant to be sat in, but jumped off of), and even the floor was black rug. It was completely lit by blacklight in the ceiling tiles. They played punk and "80's modern" alternative louder than one could yell. It was like being in front of the speakers at a concert! The room, probably meant for about 20 people comfortably shoved in prolly over 200 at all times and all of them in a constant state of flow, like clothes in a stand-up washer, complete with jumpers and surfers. The multi-levels of the main floor were all housed with their own bars and small areas to dance. The main center floor was the size of a basket-ball court. The main stage was the entire front length of the floor with huge speakers on each side and there were additional huge sets of speakers on the floor level, so no place was safe from the dance music, except for the 'A' room. Everyone back then danced too! No one was 'afraid' to dance and even if they were, it didn't matter, cause with the 2,500 people there, who was watching you? So you just danced. (Man, were did that go?) The light show was always on and always the best. I mean I have seen light shows at stadium concerts and the 'Franklin Institute' light show concerts and this topped them all. It was like the best fireworks display you've ever experienced, but indoors, with music, and no little kids to distract you from it. What memories. hmmmmm.

As a matter of fact, even while you were waiting to get in, you got syked knowing what fun you were going to have. The experience actually started outside. The big neon sign at the street, then the mirrored doorway and front panels of the building itself kinda 'set' you for the experience. Now there was a VIP area to the left of the entrance, but I never went in there (no cashola), but I heard that it was not as much fun anyway as the full experience of the floors.

I never did see the robot "Pulsar" in action, cause they didn't like to bring him out when we were there. I heard a couple of times that they had him out, but I was not there those weeks, unfortunately. He was always in the news, papers, and I think he was even in the movie Rocky, after Rocky became a rich star (I guess that would have been Rocky two or three.) If it wasn't Pulsar in that movie, then it was another robot by the same makers, cause they looked the same and all.

Well, since then, they closed up, then the mirrors were broken on the door for a while and it just sat there, then a tornado took off the back wall, then they tore it down. I think there is something there now, but for years it was just a parking lot with an abandoned broken down shell of a once great building full of memories.

Good by Pulsations.

Subject: Re: Remembering old night clubs

Written By: Gis on 07/28/06 at 3:14 am

God I loved that place. I used to go twice or more times a week during the late 80's early 90's, even after it moved from Wardour Street to Tottenham Court Road.I went to the last night of the old club at Wardour Street, they had a rip roaring gig and then the place just got pulled to pieces by people taking 'souveniers' before it got flattened.I'm believe the stage got removed and taken somewhere else, but the rest was a free for all. I recall a guy walking out carrying a toilet door on his head !?! Someone broke the mirrors in the ladies toilet and I picked up a biggish piece and took it home with me(I was drunk at the time!!) I ended up sanding down the edges with glass paper and I still have it now. 

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