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Subject: Stores torn down or things no longer in use in central/northern New Jersey:

Written By: tv on 05/13/07 at 12:37 pm

I wanted to know if anybody lived in Central or Northern New Jersey area during their childhood or adult hood life and can maybe can talk about different stores or any other different places that have been torn down or are no longer in use now or are still exist but operate under a different store name than they did in the 80's or 90's.

Subject: Re: Stores torn down or things no longer in use in central/northern New Jersey:

Written By: triviagirl on 07/06/07 at 8:56 pm

I was growing up in Elizabeth, NJ in the 60's, so cruising Broad St on Thursday nights and hanging at the White Castle in the Elmora section were second nature to me.  Of course those were the days when you could walk Broad St. after dark and never be afraid.  I remember as a teenager walking home after dark from Warinanco Park or Carteret Park and never thinking twice about it.  But that was then!  When the great old favorites on Broad St. were a Saturday afternoon regular.  Like Fanny Farmer Chocolate, Georkes, Levy Bros., Woolworths, Greens, Grants...I loved the pizza at Woolworths and the hot dogs at Grants!  Walts on St. George Avenue (Linden/Rahway) was great too, also gone forever.  In the early 60's a Saturday always consisted of the movies when you could pay your entrance fee and watch the shows over and over again.  The Liberty on Elizabeth Avenue, The Ritz on Jersey St. and the New and the Regent  theaters practically next to each other right there on Broad St.  And those daily struggles each day up the hill on Broad St. past St. Elizabeths Hospital to Battin High where I graduated in 1966 (held at the Ritz Theater).  Now lets talk Ravioli....Spirito's on Third and High....the  absolute best and has not changed since I first went there in 1953.  In fact just visited there last month while up in Elizabeth from the Jersey Shore where I have been living since 1969.  I wonder if anyone remembers Elizabeth in the 60's?

Subject: Re: Stores torn down or things no longer in use in central/northern New Jersey:

Written By: triviagirl on 07/07/07 at 7:57 pm

From the late 50's through the 60's the memory of the old Elizabeth pizza pies....I wonder if anyone else remembers the best pies:  Koza's in Rahway.....Twin City on Westfield Avenue, Elizabeth and Dan-Johns on Edgar Road, Elizabeth.....There was a lady Mary responsible for the great pies in all three of these places.  My cousin and his wife actually followed her from place to place because of her great pies!  He also remembers comparable tomato pies at Van Burens Tavern in Elizabeth and Connies on Rt 1 in Linden.  He  has been searching for that same Elizabeth pie taste ever since.....and in vain I am afraid, although he has come close a few times!  If anyone remembers the old Elizabeth great tasting pies of the 60's and knows where that same taste can be found today....please post your the meantime:  "the search goes on"! 

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