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Subject: So what celebrities share your horoscope sign?

Written By: JamieMcBain on 04/02/10 at 2:47 pm

I am a Cancer, and apparently, I share the same sign as  John Dillinger, Jack Dempsey, George Orwell, John Cusack, and Sylvester Stallone.

Subject: Re: So what celebrities share your horoscope sign?

Written By: Bobby on 04/11/10 at 1:39 pm

Apparently, this lot share my horoscope sign...

Morrissey May 22 
Naomi Campbell May 22 
Drew Carey May 23 
Bob Dylan May 24 
John C. Reilly May 24 
Kristin Scott Thomas May 24 
Anne Heche May 25 
Lauryn Hill May 25 
Mike Myers May 25 
Miles Davis May 25 
Helena Bonham-Carter May 26 
Lenny Kravitz May 26 
Pam Grier May 26 
Stevie Nicks May 26 
Joseph Fiennes May 27
Kylie Minogue May 28 
Annette Bening May 29 
John F. Kennedy May 29 
Rupert Everett May 29 
Wynonna Judd May 30 
Alanis Morissette June 1
Heidi Klum June 1 
Marilyn Monroe June 1 
Morgan Freeman June 1 
Barry Levinson June 2 
Wentworth Miller June 2
Allen Ginsberg June 3 
Angelina Jolie June 4 
Kenny G June 5 
Mark Wahlberg June 5 
Sandra Bernhard June 6 
Anna Kournikova June 7 
Liam Neeson June 7 
Prince June 7 
Tom Jones June 7 
Joan Rivers June 8 
Kanye West June 8
Johnny Depp June 9 
Michael J. Fox June 9
Natalie Portman June 9 
Elizabeth Hurley June 10 
Gene Wilder June 11 
Ally Sheedy June 13 
Tim Allen June 13 
Boy George June 14 
Courteney Cox June 15 
Helen Hunt June 15 
Joyce Carol Oates June 16 
Yasmine Bleeth June 16 
Newt Gingrich June 17 
Venus Williams June 17 
Paul McCartney June 18 
Kathleen Turner June 19 
Paula Abdul June 19 
John Goodman June 20 
John Mahoney June 20 
Nicole Kidman June 20

But I share my exact birthday with Brooke Shields and Clint Eastwood (May 31st).

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