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Subject: Have you ever had any experiences with demons?

Written By: Visor765 on 08/19/14 at 6:55 pm

As in, have you ever been in a haunted house, heard noises, seen inanimate objects moves, that sorta thing.

A game that started in Asia and moved to other parts of the world was "Hide and Go Seek Alone", here is the link: You actually play with a demon and however you stab the doll, it will stab you. If it wins, it can have your body and possess you.

This is even more dangerous than Hide and Go Seek Alone: If the doll wins, it will kill you. You must use your hair to play the game.

I've never played these games, and I don't plan on doing so. However, I do believe someone when they say they have. Have you had any experiences with demons?

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