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Subject: Have you ever experienced poltergeist activity?

Written By: christopher on 02/09/18 at 7:48 pm

I though it's a ghost attached to the house, but I moved several times and it seems it follows me. Sometimes when I am alone and tired or stressed I feel the room temperature dropping and plastic bags start to make sounds. For this reason I avoid keeping plastic bags in a room I sleep in. Once it was so bad, this invisible thing scratched the plastic bag like a mouse but there was nothing in the plastic bag. I've tried everything to remove this thing. One psychic told me it's just manifestation of my own energy, but I don't want this abilities lol. Sprinkling salt everywhere and over me helps stop it. Anyone who have experienced weird stuff like this? How to stop manifesting this? And why don't I manifest good, positive things?

Subject: Re: Have you ever experienced poltergeist activity?

Written By: Elor on 02/10/18 at 2:23 pm

How well are/were the places you live in insulated? Sometimes temperature does drop quickly in my house depending on the direction the wind is coming from (the old window shutters are terribly insulated and let cold air in). That can cause wood or plastic to make sounds.
So far no ghost in my house....just the undead dude in front of the computer screen. ;)

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