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Subject: Finally getting started on Parody CD

Written By: Saider_E. on 11/04/03 at 10:25 a.m.

Neo Matrix and I have finally gotten started with CD, NOW that's what I call food!

It will be compiled of all the first 20 songs from myself and Neo (part of The Parody Alliance) including some bonus tracks.

Right now we're getting the vocals together and the beats. I will expect it sometime next year or so. But until then check them out at http://www.amiright.com/

NeoCreation presents...

     that's what I call food!

1. Food Dilemma - Belly feat. Jelly Rollsland
2. Eatin' out - Bejuice Rolls
3. Don't mess with my plate - Velveetea feat. J.E.at
4. Burger & Fries '03 - Jay - cheeZ feat. Bejuice Rolls
5. Fry me some chicken - Juicin' Timbershake
6. Eshophagus remix - R. deli
7. Fill my plate - Cr'egg Raisined
8. Gravy - Asushi
9. In da hut (pizza Hut) - 50 mint
10. Bring back my plate - Juicin' Timbershake
11. So fat - Gluttony's Child
12. Halfempty - Mealsiq
13 Insatiable women pt. 1 of 1 and only 1 - Gluttony's Child
14. So good - Monicake

15. My body's like...no!
16. Burgerboy - Mafryah
17. Donuts - Ludachips
18. I need some sauce - 70Chew
19 Can't take my eyes off of food
20. Munchin' - Phagrill feat. Jay - cheeZ

Bonus Tracks:
Digestion remix (no original version) - R. smelly
Burgerboy (remix) - Bejuice feat. Cream Paul

All songs compiled by J.Du & Neo M. of The Parody Alliance

Subject: Re: Finally getting started on Parody CD

Written By: Neo Matrix on 12/26/03 at 10:49 p.m.

Hey! You put more of your parodies in it than mine! >:( Bah. Whatever. You pump 'em out quicker than I do.

Subject: Re: Finally getting started on Parody CD

Written By: Spaff.com on 12/28/03 at 06:15 p.m.

Sounds cool - I hope the project goes well. Be sure to tell us when the CD is available.