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Subject: Attn: Grecian-Americans

Written By: agrimorfee on 04/01/04 at 06:57 a.m.

I just learned a dirty word in Greek yesterday which is BEGGING to be used in a possible parody of a certain song from a Disney movie. (i won't tell what it is just yet... :-X) I don't plan to do something offensive, but something clever,the way Allan Sherman would have done with Jewish culture. ;)

But I don't have an ounce of Greek blood in me. Anyone of Grecian descent could help me out with a bit of research....

Give me a few common words or phrases in the Greek language, with pronunciation, especially insults or terms of endearment. Or things like "hello", "goodbye", Mom, Dad, "boy", "girl", "where is the bathroom"...whatever . Also common food items.

Give some thoughts on Greek family traditions or stereotypes (how accurate is "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? "Zorba The Greek" with Anthony Quinn? Mythology?). Or, share a funny incident that has happened in your family. Relationships? Parent/child conflicts?

Your help will be acknowledged in the parody's introductory comments. Or, if you want to do an all-out collaboration with me (which I have rarely attempted) via e-mail, contact me agrimorfee@hotmail.com.

Thanks, all

Subject: Re: Attn: Grecian-Americans

Written By: Rick D on 04/01/04 at 06:21 p.m.

I just wanted to tell you that when I did "Sweat: Sistine Ceiling", I looked up Italian phrases on line. There are lots of places that you can input key words, and it gives you things in that language. I didn't try Greek, though. I'm sure there's somthing out there.

Subject: Re: Attn: Grecian-Americans

Written By: agrimorfee on 04/02/04 at 11:39 a.m.

Yeah I have tried...i don't think there is one out there...I tried with one that said it would automatically change a webpage to Greek, but it came out in Greek writing, which doesn't do me any good.