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Written By: agrimorfee on 04/08/04 at 06:52 a.m.

If it's not presumptuous, let's place votes here...

After much deliberation (and a close judgment to Spaff), Claude Prez' "Saw Kung Fu" gets my vote.  8)

3 pts--Claude Prez
2 pts--Spaff
1 pts--Johnny D

Subject: Re: MARCH 2004 SOTM VOTING

Written By: Claude_Prez on 04/08/04 at 09:43 a.m.

Not presumptuous at all; I was hoping someone would start.  A couple things, though:  I've gathered the songs up to place in this thread for convenience.  Also, we pick our three favorites and give 1 point to the third favorite, 2 points to the second favorite, and 3 points to the top favorite.  So, here they are:

1.  http://www.amiright.com/parody/70s/neildiamond46.shtml

2.  http://www.amiright.com/parody/misc/franksinatra29.shtml

3.  http://www.amiright.com/parody/90s/meredithbrooks6.shtml

4.  http://www.amiright.com/parody/70s/stevemiller14.shtml

here's the midi:http://www.midifilearchive.com/Rock-pop/stevemiller.html

5.  http://www.amiright.com/parody/60s/julieandrewsmarypoppins3.shtml

6.  http://www.amiright.com/parody/80s/direstraits25.shtml

Here, have a recording: http://www3.hmc.edu/~afield/Dire_Straits_-_Money_For_Nothing.mp3

7.  http://www.amiright.com/parody/70s/simongarfunkle3.shtml

8.  http://www.amiright.com/parody/2000s/christinaaguilera33.shtml

9.  Darn Asian Drivers

10. http://www.amiright.com/parody/60s/allansherman5.shtml

11. http://www.amiright.com/parody/70s/donmclean45.shtml

12. http://www.amiright.com/parody/70s/thedirestraits0.shtml

13. http://www.amiright.com/parody/60s/thebeatles597.shtml

14. http://www.amiright.com/parody/60s/thedoors22.shtml

15. http://www.amiright.com/parody/70s/anniecast0.shtml

Here's the recording:

16. http://www.amiright.com/parody/70s/donmclean46.shtml

17. http://www.amiright.com/parody/70s/mouthandmacneal0.shtml

and so no-one can say they have never heard the original, here it is

18. http://www.amiright.com/parody/60s/lovinspoonfuls0.shtml

Subject: Re: MARCH 2004 SOTM VOTING

Written By: Melhi on 04/08/04 at 10:00 a.m.

3 points to Spaff

2 points to Rice / Watt

1 point to John Jenkins

Subject: Re: MARCH 2004 SOTM VOTING

Written By: Rick D on 04/08/04 at 10:25 a.m.

Even if we were allowed to vote for ourselves I will no longer do so. Spaff has gotten plenty of glory already from "Uranus", including from me. I thought about this hard, I'm glad we get to vote for three:

"Hello Phillip, Nice Armada" gets the 3 points.

"On the Joys of Burglary" the 2 points

"Dad Got Married" a strong 1 point.

I also loved GDR and MM

(Claude, MP3 to you first or post?)

Subject: Re: MARCH 2004 SOTM VOTING

Written By: adagio on 04/08/04 at 10:28 a.m.

3 points to Claude Prez

2 points to Guy DiRito

1 point to Melhi

Subject: Re: MARCH 2004 SOTM VOTING

Written By: Jared on 04/08/04 at 11:13 a.m.

3 Points go to "Dad Got Married"

2 Points go to "On The Joys of Burglary"

1 Point goes to "Hello Philip, Nice Armada"

Subject: Re: MARCH 2004 SOTM VOTING

Written By: Meriadoc on 04/08/04 at 01:32 p.m.

I had no trouble with my #1 choice, but picking 2 and 3 was very hard as there were so many good ones.

1. John Jenkins - Hello Philip, Nice Armada  3 points

2. 2nz - Mr. Mafia Guy  2 points

3. Ethan Mawyer - Mr. Miracle Guy  1 point

Subject: Re: MARCH 2004 SOTM VOTING

Written By: Rice Cube on 04/08/04 at 07:01 p.m.

Spaff -- 3 points ;D
2nz -- 2 points ;D
agrimorfie -- 1 point ;D

Subject: Re: MARCH 2004 SOTM VOTING

Written By: Spaff.com on 04/09/04 at 07:45 p.m.

I think the entries in this were, on the whole, stronger than the entries in the first round of ABC's. Which is impressive, since these were all done in the last month. Anyhoo, I'll go with:

Hello Philip, Nice Armada - 3 points
Dad Got Married - 2 points
Mr. Miracle Guy - 1 point


Subject: Re: MARCH 2004 SOTM VOTING

Written By: Peregrin on 04/09/04 at 08:30 p.m.

My votes go to :

3 points  # 16  Ethan - Mr Miracle Guy

2 points  # 10  John J - Hello Philip, Nice Armada

1 point    # 2   Melhi - Dad Got Married

PT  ;)

Subject: Re: MARCH 2004 SOTM VOTING

Written By: John_Jenkins on 04/10/04 at 07:17 a.m.

My votes go to:

3 points - 15 Spaff - Uranus
2 points - 16 Ethan Mawyer - Mr. Miracle Guy
1 point - 7 Rick Duncan - The Laker

Subject: Re: MARCH 2004 SOTM VOTING

Written By: Johnny_D on 04/10/04 at 10:59 a.m.

I vote 3 points for:

Hello Philip, Nice Armada

10. http://www.amiright.com/parody/60s/allansherman5.shtml

I vote 2 points for:


15. http://www.amiright.com/parody/70s/anniecast0.shtml

I vote 1 point for:

Are You Insultin' My Swing? (The Paranoid Golf Pro)

12. http://www.amiright.com/parody/70s/thedirestraits0.shtml

Subject: Re: MARCH 2004 SOTM VOTING

Written By: philbo_baggins on 04/11/04 at 01:42 p.m.

I'd have liked to have been able to vote for five or six... anyway, my votes go as follows:

3 pints (oops, freudian typo) - #10 JJ Hello Phillip, Nice Armada
2 points - #16 Ethan Mawyer - Mr. Miracle Guy
1 point - #7 Rick Duncan - The Laker

I would love to have been able to give some points to Uranus, but it was just squeezed out.  So to speak.


Subject: Re: MARCH 2004 SOTM VOTING

Written By: neminem on 04/11/04 at 03:32 p.m.

Well, it was actually fairly easy for me to narrow it down to three. The harder part was deciding among those three which to give what number of points. My eventual decision:

3 points: to Ethan, with http://www.amiright.com/parody/70s/donmclean46.shtml
2 points: to Jared, with http://www.amiright.com/parody/90s/meredithbrooks6.shtml
1 point: to Johnny, with http://www.amiright.com/parody/60s/julieandrewsmarypoppins3.shtml

Subject: Re: MARCH 2004 SOTM VOTING

Written By: Claude_Prez on 04/12/04 at 08:15 p.m.

Wow, who's the idiot who decided we can only pick three?  Seriously, some very good stuff here--my "short list" was about 2/3 of them.  

Uranus--3 points.  I'm sorry but I love puns and it's the ultimate song for the ultimate pun.  I'll NEVER get sick of "Uranus".  NEVER.

Hello Philip, Nice Armada--2 points.  Very clever wordplay; I'm a sucker for killer rhymes.

Mr. Miracle Guy--1 point.  Quite an achievement, and summing up the Son of God as a "pest who got arrested" clinched it.

Subject: Re: MARCH 2004 SOTM VOTING

Written By: jreuben on 04/15/04 at 06:41 a.m.

When does the voting close?