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Subject: What happened to Xand...

Written By: xander999 on 04/13/04 at 11:23 a.m.

Move over Mr. Shakur, Xander999 is:


(Yes that's me. :P )

First of all - I had a huge bout of Parodyer's Block, which is very entertainly annoying after a month. I decided to make a low key retirement. I thought my parodying days were over. However, one of my friends goes up to me one day "why haven't you done any of you parodies in ages" and I said that I had lost faith in my own skills (I was also going through a depressive moment in my life which is typical teen angst which I don't wanna delve into) - when I decided to have a go and tinkering with some songs. However, I accidently deleted some of my personal files (including my parodies) and I gave up again.

Also...I sometimes surfed on to AmIRight, but my internet connection was random and sometimes I was on the site but then pages wouldn't load. We tried to phone our phone company and they came two weeks later, fixed it. Then it mucked up again the next day. This wasn't just AmIRight - it was any site.

My net connection was finally working again - I was planning to to do a 'I'm Back' parody to the Eminem track to the same name. I started...and in typical-me fashion completely forgot about it until I searched for my name and found 'AmIRight'...when I read a post on DGWP and posted in that.

Well, I'm back and working on 'Crap Game' - a parody of 'Rap Name' by Obie Trice about the world's worst video game ever: Rise of the Robots.

I hope no-one is disappointed their were no drugs, hookers or booze involved.