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Subject: Your Most Interesting Comment Ever

Written By: Armstrong on 05/20/04 at 2:13 pm

K ladies and germs... out of sheer boredom I got this idea. While sifting through our comments page as I so often do I realized that I continue to be amazed at one particular comment we received. The comment is to the parody "He cannot shut the door" a parody of "I could not ask for more." This parody is about baseball closers and how they're overrated. Sounds pretty typical MA stuff and is a very average parody of ours. However... this comment... left a year ago never ceases to amaze me.

sheela - April 12, 2003   2:30:04 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment

My Niece is fighiting in the war...She loves you...she is 20 years old She would love a letter or something from you....Oh And I love your music, along with others that love your music!!

Now I'm not dumb enough to assume this was actually for us rather than the ACTUAL Edwin McCain... but dang... who would have even been... i don't even know how to describe it... enough to leave that comment. And for that matter who loves Edwin McCain that much?

What's your most interesting comment?

Subject: Re: Your Most Interesting Comment Ever

Written By: agrimorfee on 05/20/04 at 3:49 pm

Johnny had this to say about my "Walden Bog" (, a parody of The Beatles' 'Martha My Dear"), even though he DKTOS-- ;D

DKTOS so I won't vote.....but lemme tell wife and I actually reside in Concord, MA, the town where Walden Pond is located......we frequently take walks around the pond, and we walk by where Thoreau had his little cabin in the woods.......and if he lived there today, with all the tourists, beachgoers, picnickers, swimmers, boaters, anglers, hikers, and with the Fitchburg Commuter Train Line passing yards from his cabin-site and with jet planes from nearby Hanscom Field roaring overhead, he would most definitely lose his acorns.

Subject: Re: Your Most Interesting Comment Ever

Written By: neminem on 05/20/04 at 5:08 pm

Probably this one, on one of my early parodies that kind of sucked: "That was the most annoyingest thing that I have ever read you need to get a life"

Either that or Johnny's response to (Don't Know My) Calculus:
Wow - an integral rap that differentiates itself from all the rest.
All I can say to that is.....

e to the u d-u d-x,
e to the x d-x !
Cosine, secant, tangent, sine,
Integral, radical, mu d-v
neminem gets three fives from me!

Subject: Re: Your Most Interesting Comment Ever

Written By: Johnny_D on 05/20/04 at 5:45 pm

It's tough to choose the most interesting one, so I found the most interesting three:

On my parody "Glory Holes",

Rick D - February 22, 2004   5:52:21 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
By the way, you asked, so this is an experiment---- Back in the rural farmland days When people lived so far away Family and friends alike Would have to spend the night And the boyfriends with their briefcases Would have to share the sleepspace With the daughter of the house (Which in those days was alright) But they also had a custom Which sufficed to keep the lust in Papa laid a hunk of timber In the middle of the bed And the couple wouldn't cross it For Dad's shotgun in the closet Guaranteed that the most daring kept their heads (The boyfriend would accept it thusly) My love for you can overcome this bundling board Why just to lie beside you Is it's own subtle reward I know that to hop over Would be a big mistake There's more than just our honor here at stake So with the dawn at breakfast time Dad would say the expected line "Well, how'd you sleep, boy?" Then he'd watch for a reaction And he would answer "Sir, just fine!" And daughters' eyes would give no sign And Dad would be assured of no infraction And so it was in those old days When truth and honor had a place And people could control the way they play And this young man who passed the test Who proved to Pop he was the best Could later to his girlfriend proudly say My love for you did overcome that bundling board Why just to lie beside you Was it's own subtle reward I'm sure your Pop is glad That we stayed on the side we should But I'm glad we found that knothole in the wood My love for you did Overcome that bundling board.

On my parody "Inflatable Woman",

Stray Pooch - January 23, 2004  10:53:19 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
We had a really mean Sergeant when I was in AIT in the Army. (That's your job training that comes right after Basic). He went on vacation and we had a short-notice inspection while he was gone. A couple of privates were detailed to help one of the Sergeant's inventory and clean up his wall locker. Imagine their surprise when they found a well-used blow-up doll in his locker!!! They were, of course, immediately sworn to secrecy. Like that made ANY difference - lol! He was a whole lot less of a pain after he came back! Great parody - 555!

On my parody "Yiddish Rhapsody",

David Chrenko - January 05, 2004   9:24:29 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
Johnny, Myron Cohen would give you such a hug! A Jewish friend of mine sent me this joke yesterday. Enjoy! Sol visits Abe and sees a dog in the house. "So what kind of dog is this?" asks Sol. "It's a Jewish dog. His name is Max," says Abe. "Watch this," continues Abe as he points to the dog. "Max, Fetch!" Max walks slowly to the door, then turns around and says, "So why are you talking to me like that? You always order me around like I'm nothing. And then you make me sleep on the floor, with my arthritis... You give me this fahkahkta food with all the salt and fat, and you tell me it's a special diet...It tastes like dreck! YOU should eat it yourself!...And do you ever take me for a decent walk? NO, it's out of the house, a short pish, and right back home. Maybe if I could stretch out a little, the sciatica wouldn't kill me so much!" Sol, amazed, tells Abe how remarkable this is, to which Abe answers, "I don't know, I think this dog has a hearing problem. I said fetch, and he thought I said kvetch."

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