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Subject: The Spaff Self-Promotion Thread

Written By: on 05/21/04 at 12:16 pm


So I've spent most of the last month and a half crisscrossing the country on business trips. Just for fun, I checked the Fountains of Wayne tour schedule to see if our paths would intersect, and they did. Last week in Vegas. And there was much rejoicing.

I thought I'd share my highlight:

The concert was held at the outdoor poolside "Skin" club, and all the waitresses wore outfits that were a fraction of the size of those worn by Hooters girls. They may as well have been bikinis.

OK, that was a highlight, but not the highlight. Here's the highlight:

I got there early enough to stake out a spot right up against the stage. I ended up spending the concert about three feet away from both Chris Collingwood and Adam Schlesinger (the two main dudes) - hell, I was closer to them than they were to each other. Which means that I was also exceedingly close to one of the speakers, and I've probably got permanent hearing loss. But I was able to catch all of their facial expressions and banter, which makes up for the loss of one of my senses. (At one point, a guy tried to hand Adam a camera - "Adam, take my picture!" - to which he replied, "Umm, I'm working here.")

During "Stacy's Mom," I called home on my cell, hoping someone or something would pick up, and held up the phone for the duration of the song. NOW, HERE, FINALLY, IS MY HIGHLIGHT: After the song, Adam stepped up to the mic and said "The real problem these days is not people downloading free songs off the Internet. It's these guys who take their cell phones to concerts so their friends don't have to pay to get in." After that, I put the phone away, but Adam gave me one those "no prob" gestures, smiled, and mouthed something like "It's OK, man."

So I interacted with a Wayne. And I can now say that I contributed to the band/audience banter while standing front and center at a concert by one of my favorite bands. So I can die knowing I've led a full life.

Other show trivia: On "Radiation Vibe," Chris changed the lyrics to "But I can still swoon / Like Billy Corgan." Better, in the middle of the song, the band launched into a bunch of classic rock riffs, including "Carry On Wayward Son" and "Double Vision," which Adam even sang a verse to. (I yelled "Free Bird!" to no avail.)

Also, during "Stacy's Mom," a couple of hotties made their way to the stage and proceeded to dance seductively for the band - caressing themselves, licking their fingers, and making do-me eyes. After three songs of this, during which the band gave them exactly zero acknowledgment, they gave up and left.

But enough about them - let's talk about me again: Before the concert, I ran into a guy who was there to photograph it. I caught his attention during the show and motioned for him to take a picture of me with the band. Which he did. And emailed me the photo. Check it out here:

Anyhoo, it was easily one of the best concertgoing experiences I've had. Thought I'd brag.


Subject: Re: The Spaff Self-Promotion Thread

Written By: Claude_Prez on 05/21/04 at 10:52 pm

Wow!  I'm not exactly a "Fountain-head" (hee) or anything, but that's a cool story and a cool pic too (if you looked a little goofier we could be separated at birth).  My best concert story pales in comparison but what the hell:  I saw Guadalcanal Diary* (who?) in a tiny club in the late 80's and Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper** (who?)(WHO?!?) who had played recently across the street came in.  They called Mojo up onstage to sing "Johnny B. Goode" with them and he didn't know ANY of the words (well, he knew the "go go" part okay).  This guy had a whole mini-novelty record career built entirely on Chuck Berry's signature riffs; he was worse than the Beach Boys.  Anyway, he was clearly wasted but it was pretty funny because at the time he was fairly well known, especially in college towns.  All right, then.  Glad you enjoyed yourself, but next time you're in Vegas, it's Wayne NEWTON you're supposed to see.  Just so ya know.

*songs by Guadalcanal Diary:  "I See Moe", "Vista", "Country Club Gun", "Cattle Prod"
**songs by Mojo and Skid:  "I Ain't Gonna (Whizz) In No Jar", "Burn Down The Malls", "Debbie Gibson is Pregnant With My Two-Headed Love Child", "Elvis Is Everywhere"

Subject: Re: The Spaff Self-Promotion Thread

Written By: on 05/23/04 at 8:03 pm

Cool anecdote. I've heard of Guadalcanal Diary and I actually even know a Mojo Nixon song: "Don Henley Must Die." Great stuff.

Not a Fountain-head, eh? Y'oughta give 'em a try. You may well be sick of "Stacy's Mom," which is understandable, so ignore that and go with the remainder of Welcome Interstate Managers. Or the CD that originally hooked me, Utopia Parkway. Power pop at its most sublime.


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